Missing radio station

Krautrock world radio is suddenly missing from all providers.

Always been available. 

Any reason for this?

The station is still on air 

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If it’s missing from multiple streaming companies at the same time, the issue is most likely with the individual radio station’s server that makes the stream available on the internet. Have you contacted Krautrock directly about this issue?

Not been able to raise a response so thought I would ask this forum.

Will try again. 

Thanks for your comment. 


Just as a side note, often radio stations use different servers to feed their own website link as opposed to the streaming companies, so it can be working one place, and not the other….but it’s all still ‘their’ servers. 


I have been advised that the station have changed to the above service. 

Is this easy to apply?



Too many warnings for me to see anything on that website, but you may want to read the ‘setting up an internet radio station FAQ’, and see if the way they are publishing that data is compatible.  

Thanks again,  will do so and let you know. 



You’re most welcome, although I’m not sure how helpful I’ve been. ;)

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Strange thing is, that this broadcaster is still playable on the TuneIn player (and maybe via your browser): https://tunein.com/radio/Krautrock-World-s96356/

I do not seem to be able to add laut.fm as a music service (but I’m in the Netherlands).

I’ve not checked myself, but perhaps there might be some geofencing going on?

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Broadcaster unplayable on Tunein here in the UK and I cannot add Laut.fm as a music service.

You may be correct with your geo fencing theory but I fail to understand how beneficial it would be to reduce the number of users.

Ah well.

Thanks for all your help.


Usually, geofencing has to do with legal issues around where the station has the ‘rights’ to broadcast the content. Ultimately, any aggregator such as TuneIn, and by extension, Sonos, must respect those legal requirements. One ‘famous’ example is the BBC, and their various restrictions. 

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The TuneIn stream is broken. 

http://stream.laut.fm/krautrockworld.m3u  plays a mp3 stream

So, I doubt there's any geoblocking (at least within the EU - ( Brexit Britain could be an exception!) 



Sorry only just got around to resolving this. 

Added the URL to Tunein and it worked! 

Thankyou all so much for all your help.