Migrating from Songza to Google Play

  • 13 December 2015
  • 31 replies

In anticipation of Songza shutting down end of January, I added Google Play Music service to my Sonos. But as soon as I open the Google Play Music service, I get a message saying "Play Music's free radio isn't playable on the Sonos app. Use Play Music or play your purchased and uploaded music."

Will the Songza playlists, now streamable on Sonos, no longer be available once the transition occurs? What I am doing wrong?


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31 replies

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I have recently subscribed to Google moving from deezer. Is songza already there? I see. no mention anywhere of the word songza but i do get radio stations based on moods or activities. Is that the songza part or is songza still yet to be implemented?
That's part of it. There are also curated playlists. You won't find the Songza name anymore.
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We’ve just updated our announcement regarding the Google Play Music free radio access here, please take a look and make sure you’re following the thread for future news.
7 month later this is still an issue. Wow this is super annoying. I just bought my first Sonos play a couple days ago with the primary idea of streaming google play music to this Sonos speaker. Now a free service that we have been using needs to be a paid service...just because I am trying to play it through a Sonos speaker???
Signing up for a free trial of google play music is NOT a solution. It is bandaid that fails in 90 days.
Seriously wondering why I should keep this speaker at all.
Try musconv it's really helpful to migrate from songza to google play & also from different platfroms