Managing large numbers of mp3’s with Windows App

  • 26 December 2017
  • 5 replies

My Logitech Squeezebox finally bit the dust so I’m considering purchasing a Sonos Connect. However, I have approx 45,000 mp3’s on my PC that I will need to stream. Is this possible with the Windows app using my iPhone as a remote? If so, how big does it scale?

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5 replies

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I stream from a NAS (Netgear) using Windows, Android, and iPad to control. However, I'm only at 12,000 songs and haven't had any issues with size. And, with the family, I've ran 3 different streams simultaneously.
The track limit is 65,000 but can be less depending on the size of your tags and pathnames. As to streaming from your PC, you simply share your library to Sonos and it will be available to all your Sonos devices.
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As to scaling, I stream a couple streams here on a regular basis and have fooled with streaming four in testing and I find it does not stress my file server, a Raspberry Pi v3 above a few percent over the base load. On a big computer the load should be nearly invisible.

If you find it aggravating to have the Windows system powered on whenever you want local music, look at the options of using a different streaming device.
Many thanks for all the really useful responses!
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I have always had better experience with Sonos then my old squeezebox. The only thing I still miss was being able to sort music by date (recent added). I keep my music in file folders by year downloaded now to overcome - I simply browse by folder view if want to look at most recent stuff.

Sonos reliability far outways that issue (not having to run a music server). I did for a while run LMserver and ran squeezebox in parallel - - you can actually setup Sonos units to show in LMserver if you really wanted to.