Mac - iTunes Music Library - Cannot be added by SONOS after upgrade

  • 20 October 2017
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32 replies

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CG67RMTBW: Hello there. Thanks for posting. I would recommend giving our technicians a call to troubleshoot music library issues on the phone. This way the technicians will be able to walk through your computer using a remote session to ensure you get your local music library on Sonos. Our contact information can be found here.
Hi Keith,
I phoned assistance and the problem was solved, thanks a lot! :)

In case someone has the same problem – sonos can't find your music folder after upgrading system to High Sierra – it may be that your computer's name has changed without you being aware of it. Go to preferences > network > advanced > wins > netbios name and copy the new name, then go to preferences > sharing > computer name and paste it. It worked for me!

My only criticism is that assistance over the phone is only available from Mon to Fri 9am-5pm – how am I supposed to call them if I'm at work? Fortunately they were also available this Saturday – if this happens every week, I take it back!

Thank you very much for your help 🙂 🙂 🙂
I think that's why they also have 24/7 assistance options listed at

Delighted that they were able to help you figure it out. Wonder why Apple needed to change the name of the computer?
I wouldn't know. Any idea?
Not offhand. Perhaps there was some change that limited the length it could be? To my knowledge, mine didn't change, but then again I keep all my music on an NAS, so it's not something that would have impinged on me.
Thanks for the information on the problems with OSX 10.13.2. Wish I had read this blog before ordering. I will be packing the hours old Play 1 and sending it back because it will not install ... says there is a problem controller version.

Thought I had found a good answer. Wish Sonos would be up front with information. They could fix the problem tomorrow and not get my business in years. Integrity matters.
We normally stream from our local devices (iPhones), but happened to be working on the music library on my Mac and noticed that I also could not connect my music library.

I did however, find a solution. In the sharing preferences, if you click Options and enable SMB sharing, you will be able to connect your music library when running High Sierra.