Low bitrate streams not supported? 11025hz Mono mp3

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Does anyone have a suggestion for listening to low bitrate streams?

It seems confusing that a Network Speaker System wouldn't be able to consume an audio stream... 11khz Mono MP3 is still a network stream... at 40kb/s it's low bitrate...

If it's a buffer issue, just buffer more?

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It's the low sample rate. Sonos requires at least a 16 KHz sample rate to play.

More info: Supported audio formats (sample rates are halfway down the article)
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So, should this be a feature request?

Because it's just unfathomable...
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You can request it but it's a pretty niche request. The current trend is higher bit rates, it's the first time I have seen a request for the opposite. Is there not an app that can up scale the feed?
11kHz sampling rate has a Nyquist frequency of 5.5kHz. In essence it has a frequency response not much better than the telephone system.

No, it should not be a feature request that's given any consideration. Last time I looked Sonos was a wireless multi-room HiFi music system.
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It would sound horrible too!

No chance Sonos will adopt this "feature" in my opinion.
Lo-Fi! :?
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I want it for listening to a channel of speech, not music. I will admit it's great for music.

It astounds me that despite all of the underlying technologies supporting that ability... Even if they've rewritten their own mp3 decoder, it seems unlikely that it's not just disabled by a config value in a file.

I have to resort to either kludges or nothing, bummer.
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If it's something you have control over, you can set the sample rate higher and even lower the bit rate to save on bandwidth. I provide an online stream of my local NOAA Weather Radio station and I encode at Mono 22 KHz and 24 Kbps MP3 and it sounds great. And I can listen to it through Sonos even (not that I do very often, but on occasion).


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