Lost Sirius XM connection

Hi all, I know there have been multiple threads on this topic in one way or another. I was listening to Sirius all day then the speaker went quiet. I have tried and tried to get any station to play and get the "unable to connect to sirius" message. Removed and reinstalled the controller app. Changed my Sirius username. Still not working. So painful. Any advice other than going back to a reliable bluetooth speaker....

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Hey guys, we have a tracking page for known issues here and I wanted to let you know the SiriusXM issue should now be resolved.
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Also rebooted my home WIFI/airport....
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Hi there, KamIlk. Our engineers are currently investigating an issue with SiriusXM playback on Sonos. We'll reach out here once we have more to share.
Same here, was just online with SIrius... they say it's not them. Gotta be Sonos. Did the whole reset account password and delete and re-enter. Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone.
same here - no Sirius connection
It's definitely Sonos - listening to Sirius app on my iPad and it's just fine.
Just so you know.
Would be nice if there was a resource to alert users that something like this is systemic so we don't have to change user names/passwords and otherwise stress....
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Hey guys, we have a tracking page for known issues here and I wanted to let you know the SiriusXM issue should now be resolved.
One thing to note: Many streaming services use differing "ports" or "servers" for each streaming source, so that they can both separate and track where the data is going. So it's not impossible for the Sonos stream to be down, while streaming from a website or a native app can still work.

But Sonos just points to a particular place (just like TuneIn does), they don't actually handle/modify the stream.
@KamIlk I totally agree. I wish there was a a better error on Sonos to say "SiriusXM down on Sonos 4/8/19"

Edit: FYI Things seem to be back up on Sonos/SiriusXM

The problem is back.  Sirius XM lost connectiom

I can’t get it to connect to Sirius 2/21/20 

Clicking on the “real time status” link on this page doesn’t show any outage, so have you tried just rebooting your router, followed by rebooting your Sonos speakers?

Well, this one is back. I can’t get my Sonos to connect to SiriusXM. Network issue, connection issue, the message varies slightly, but same result. I had it on yesterday, today it’s down completely. Was down about a week ago too. I’m just about done with Sonos and all the issues. They ruined the app, ignoring UX design norms in favor of their own “creative” ideas. Half the time the thing doesn’t work. As I type this, my alternate choice, Spotify, has paused and restarted twice (I’ve only played two songs).


What gets me is, for what they charge for these “premium” devices, they should have a totally kick-ass engineering dept., and it’s really clear they do not. Problems in the first year, yeah, I was patient — as an early adopter, I took my lumps. But after this long, they should have it together. 


I don’t want to go to just playing over Bluetooth, for all the reasons Sonos seemed like a great idea. Not a big fan of smart speakers, but I may have to go to the Apple or Google devices. Anyone want to buy a Sonos 5 and a couple of 1s cheap?