Lost connection to Pandora, etc

  • 19 January 2014
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My Bridge only lets me play songs on my phone or Mac.

When playing Pandora, I get the message Unable to play, connection to Pandora was lost. With radio, i get "Unable to play Radio station".

All this stuff was working yesterday. Tried resetting controller, resetting Sonos, resetting router, all to no avail. Someone please help!

thanks in advance

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14 replies

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sorry, that's a Connect not a Bridge. thanks
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Often as not, this is caused by some kind of local IP address issue.

I'm not sure what your "resetting Sonos" means but if it's a factory reset you'll be back to square one with your system.

Try a complete network reboot to clear addressing problems. Power everything off and restart in order:
- router
- wired Sonos devices
- wireless Sonos devices
- everything else
Wait for each device to reboot fully before moving to the next.
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I guess the key is rebooting everything as you say and waiting for complete reboot of a device before moving on to the next. Without waiting, the issue often
doesn't get resolved.

On occasion I've also had to start with a reboot of the cable modem before the router


Is this a one time event or a frequent event?
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This has become a frequent event. Every day or every other day. I am unable to submit diagnostics (error) until unplugging/rebooting.

I was planning on buying a few more Connects but now I'm not so sure. This is aggravating
What channels are your WIFI and your SONOS on?

Please describe your network for us. Include EVERYTHING on your network (SONOS, computers, TV's, Blu-ray, printers, thermostats, network switches, etc.) What is wired? What is wireless? Which model router are you using? When you scan for wireless networks, how many do you see?
I've been having the same problem; that is, all of a sudden about three weeks ago, I'm unable to stream Spotify and Pandora. Both will start and play for about 3 seconds, then disconnect and error out with an "unable to connect" message.

My setup and network hasn't changed in over a year, and the sonos specific portions have been reliably working for almost 3 years.

I have two theories, neither of which is substantiated:
- The network path between spotify and sonos (however that works) is congested.
- The internet path between me and whatever upstream service is high-latency. I really only think this because the behavior started around when my ISP (Comcast) peered with Netflix, thus starting the great ISP war of 2014. VPN connections have trouble staying up since this time.
Problem with this theory: Spotify streams just fine to my PC, which is on the same switch as my sonos.
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For the past few days I've also been having problems playing internet radio stations, they play for a minute or so then cut out and I get a message "song is in wrong format" or "unable to play radio station". the problem is with numerous radio stations.

I had thought the problem might have been with my internet/router but I have no problem playing music wirelessly from my music library. so the issue isn't the wireless router.

i've checked for updates and restarted all my components.

any ideas?
FYI, There was a serious Pandora problem with squeezebox players using mysqueezebox.com to play Pandora for about the last month. This was caused by some change on the Pandora backend that the Squeezebox side didn't adjust for appropriately. One of the SB engineers finally tracked down the issue and fixed it about a day ago.

I have no idea whether the same sort of thing has happened with Sonos as a result of the Pandora backend changes, but I suppose it is possible. Then again, I suspect there would be lots of SONOS users posting here if Pandora was generally not working.
I'm still having this issue with Pandora not connecting today but I'm able to connect to Spotify or Amazon without any problem.
I have had the same problem since th update they pushed a couple weeks ago. Radio station not found errors. Have rebooted everything several times. I think this is another Sonos problem not ISP etc. Speedtests show high speeds minimal latency. My music library plays with no problems. Any solutions? I am not reading any.
The problem sometimes seems to clear up after a couple hours and then reoccurs. I never have any trouble with Spotify or Amazon for my Library.
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Hello Dochands, RKP, can you submit support diagnostics after this issue? Please let us know the confirmation number that generates, here's how: https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/142