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  • 13 October 2021
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I have some local  .Mp3 music and am unable to save a que as a Playlist.  I find the Playlist process awkward. I simply wish to create Playlists from my locally stored music within Sonos that persist. I found several pre-made lists I would like to remove. 


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3 replies

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Have you set up your music library in the Sonos app?


Read this article about how to create a playlist from a queue in the Sonos app:


A dialog box popped up with the text "The queue only contains songs that can't be stored in Sonos Playlists. No Sonos Playlist was saved."

I am using Android Note 10+

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If the music files are stored on the phone, they cannot be save to a Sonos Playlist. The music files need to be stored on a NAS or desktop computer connected to your network where Sonos can always access the playlist.