Living in OZ Pandora and VPN

  • 6 August 2018
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I have seen some topics on using a VPN to access Pandora through Sonos. I had pandora from 2012 until they pulled out of OZ, recently I got them back - as a paid user [which I have always been - $3.99/month] and started playing them on my Sonos system

However I then found that I was getting the - "You are not Authorised to use this service" - it took a while to work around, but I set my country in Sonos as the US, and discovered that if I used the Manage Service Settings whenever I wanted to listen to Pandora I could get it to work [although when they drop out after a time I also have to re-authorise it again]

So what I am doing is using the VPN to be in the US, re-authorising Pandora each session and enjoying Pandora

I have seen various topics where it is said that you have to get all of the Sonos system behind the VPN for success but obviously that's wrong

Now I am hunting for a way to not have the fuss of re-authorising the service each time - I know that there are heaps of cluey folk out there so have you gone the next step - and will you share it?


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