LivePhish playback issues

  • 1 February 2019
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Same issue here. Skips randomly (sometimes after seconds, sometimes after minutes) to the next song. It doesn't appear to happen with other Sonos channels, and it doesn't happen when streaming LivePhish off of Sonos. No error message is generated when it occurs.
Any idea on a timeframe to get this resolved? Worked fine for me until recently. Is very annoying and greatly takes away from my Sonos experience.
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Update: This issue is still being investigated. At this point, it would be best to give our support team a call to address any problems regarding LivePhish or This way, our technicians can determine if it is related and properly forward the information to the team.

As more information becomes available about this, I will provide another update.

Thanks again for your patience.
Oh, it was not that much profanity, and that was a nice sentence that got edited out. And while this particular bug is ruinous for those of us that like these sort of streams, and bring shouts of calamity and disaster upon Sonos, it is also a testament to my love of these Sonos products that I am still shouting here, and have not gone silent to outfit myself with a Bose rig ... I am posting again because i have determined the the most efficacious pathway to issue resolution, three step process. Step 1: find an engineer on your team that is an aficionado of of the Grateful Dead. Step 2: assign this issue to that individual. Step 3: position this engineer/deadhead in close proximity to a pair of Play5 speakers, turn the volume and continuously stream all the available shows from Dead & Co. (or JRAD). The engineer is not permitted to leave the room until the issue is resolved. Thx
Since Sonos is only responsible for the API code which gets implemented by the third party, I suspect the engineer that needs to be locked in a room is someone on the LivePhish/Nugs side of things.
This is beyond frustrating. This was an issue a year or more back. Then it was fixed. In 2019 it began again. Totally unacceptable as the only streaming service I use in most zones at work at home is LivePhish. I pay a premium for my speakers, and for LivePhish and this issue makes both unusable.
I too am a subscriber to both LivePhish and and have not been able to use either app with my Sonos which I too have found very frustrating. I contacted Nugs through Facebook on multiple occasions. They claimed a fix was in the works but it has been a few months since I’ve been able to use either app with Sonos.
Same. Closer to 6 months. Sent several diagnostics And Did a long diagnostic phone session with sonos and was told that it was nugs(which makes sense as it’s only their services that fail). Have talked with nugs many times with a promise that it’s being looked into. Paying premium for both nugs and livephish and have been loyal to them... but it’s gotten old.

Hello, is this the only place to get help with these issues?

my live phish app will play 2 songs and then either skip to another random song, or stop altogether.

it is so frustrating, so basically I use a bluetooth speaker,  $2500 worth of SONOS in my house and I can’t listen to the live phish app on the system, what a waste of money!  looks like other people are having the same problem going on a year, c’mon Sonos get it fixed!!  I tell others that are considering SONOS about all the bugs, steer clear.


I was testing out for their promo offer. I will not continue to use them since Sonos doesn’t want or care to fix the problem. I looked at the age of the posts and they could have solved it by now. The jam band community is huge and socially viral. Sonos will lose customers. 

I had this problem for quite a while. I had to convert my system from wireless to wired (one speaker attached to the router with an ethernet cable). That fixed the problem.