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Hi there,

As an unfortunate non-Eastern state user and Triple J listener, using TuneIn Radio to listen to Triple J isn't a great option as it's half an hour ahead than the actual time in SA.

Have any South or Western Australians (or Northern Territorians!) worked out a way to listen to a station like JJJ locally without resorting to having an FM radio connected to their Sonos network? Otherwise I have to somewhat pointlessly keep a whole device dedicated to listening to one FM radio station! Any help on this would be appreciated.

FYI - I've also tried listening to TuneIn's cast of Triple J and it also seems to be a horrible sound quality compared to other stations - making it even less listenable with the time difference as well.

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I have the same problem, any light on this would be awesome, is it possible to plug a radio receiver into the spare ethernet ports on the back of the play bar
I also, for years have found Triple J and now Double J sound quality to be poor. Other online radio stations sound fine.. Any explanation anyone??
It likely is that those stations provide an inferior streaming link to companies like TuneIn or iHeartRadio. Have you checked to see if their website has a better stream? If so, there's instructions in an FAQ here on this website on how to set up direct links, rather than going through TuneIn or iHeart radio.
How is the quality for you with this stream? Follow the guide linked by @Airgetlam to add it.
Thanks @Airgetlam and @John B,

After posting the question I did a bit more searching and found another thread which suggested a couple of solutions. The one that John B posted is the one that worked for me. In fact the ABC has a page on their website that posts links to all their stations.

The quality of Triple J and Double J is now at least bearable..
@Airgetlam could you please give me a link to that FAQ on how to set up direct links, rather than going through TuneIn, thanks
You can’t search the FAQs?
Took me about 30 seconds, on an iPad.
I couldn't see it, thanks for posting.

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