levelling speaker volume in different room

  • 14 February 2020
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When i use spotify to play back music through my sonos system, if I adjust the music volume in the spotify app, one of my room volumes increases much greater than the volume in the other rooms. This happens even if if level all the speaker volumes in the sonos app and then go back to the spotify app. Same thing happens, I press the volume up in the spotify app and the speak in my lounge get much louder than the one in my bedroom or dining room. If I go back to the sonos app, the volume levels for the individual rooms in the group are staggered again and not uniform as they were when I set them in the sonos app before going back to the spotify app.


Please can someone offer some suggestions? 


I've tried turning off the speaker touch controls and the volume levelling is set to 100% for all rooms so there no restriction on the speakers. All 3 speakers are Sonos One speakers.


Thanks for any help and advice.

2 replies

My own understanding here, is that the Spotify (3rd party App) 'connect' feature, which links through to the Sonos devices over the Sonos API only adjusts the volume of the Sonos main 'group controller’ device, so only the one primary room will adjust its volume, rather than the group. I’m guessing this is currently 'by design' at the moment and is 'mimicking' how the physical hardware buttons work on the Sonos devices in a grouped room situation. 

I would like to see an option in the Sonos App to allow a user to use the 'group volume’ control in this situation too and I’m pretty sure this has been highlighted in the community previously, involving other situations, like controlling group volume using the Google Assistant, for example. 

However as a workaround, I guess we will all have to use the group volume controls in the Sonos App instead, for the time being, at least.

If that's the case it's poor form that you can't select whether rooms are levelled and equal, and also that adjustment of the spotify volume doesn't act as a master control to adjust volume equally across all rooms in the group.