Question - no scrobble

  • 6 September 2019
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Just added to both Spotify and Sonos. Problem - scrobble not happening when songs are played through sonos speakers in any situation. Spotify connect to sonos, Spotify initiated from Sonos controller. Sonos controller initiating other music services.

On spotify app - if I play on my computer, it scrobbles. Then if I select sonos speakers, subsequent song don't scrobble. It just sits there on the last song that was playing when i switched to sonos. Reverse happens too - if I start on sonos, no scrobble. If I switch to sound though my computer it immediately starts scrobbling.

I've tried removing and adding the service from both sonos and Spotify and trying it in every configuration I could think of.


7 replies

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Sonos - any ideas on this?
I have just the same problem, although it's been working for a month. Some problems with the no scrobble/ double scrobbleearlier, but now it's not working at all. Scrobbling is fine on all other devices then trough my Sonos IKEA.
Did you get to the bottom of this? I haven't been able to scrobble for a few weeks now, when streaming from the Spotify app on ANY device to Sonos.

But it does scrobble if I stream on Spotify within the Sonos app itself.

It worked perfectly fine either way before this.

Same issue.
This needs to be fixed. Badly!

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Same here. No scribbling from the Sonos app or to Sonos via Spotify Connect. Do you guys have premium or Spotify free?


Same problem here. No scrobblig from the Sonos app via Apple Music

Any updates? This is broken for me too.