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  • 10 October 2018
  • 7 replies

The LA Radio Station; KLOS 95.5 is no longer available on Tunein Radio. It went a few months ago. Is there any other way you can get a stream for this to Sonos. I'm in London and missing Jonesy Jukebox...:(

7 replies

It's not clear to me from visiting their website who "owns" that station, but many stations have moved either to radio.com or iHeartradio, both of which have plugins in Sonos for you to install. Have you checked there?
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KLOS is owned by Cumulus Media, not Entercom/former CBS or iHeartRadio... it's actually still on TuneIn (I find it searching the TuneIn website). It's possible that the station changed to a streaming format that isn't compatible with Sonos, which is why it isn't listed when searching through Sonos. When I get home tonight, I'll see if I can find a streaming address that will work with Sonos, if possible.
Ah, thanks, Mike. I didn't poke very far in to it. I did note that they had a "player" function on their website, but I didn't really look at that either to see if it was flash or not. And I do tend to bow to your greater knowledge in this area. 🙂
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So... I searched TuneIn using the desktop Sonos controller, and 95.5 KLOS appears in the results without issue, and the station plays just fine (after a pretty crazy number of ads played). Not sure why it wouldn't be showing for you though.

I did start their web player, and found a stream URL. The original URL had all kinds of variables that don't appear to be necessary to get things to play. I tested this URL both in VLC and through Sonos, and it worked fine in both.

Perhaps it doesn't play in the UK for some licensing reasons? It just says is unavailable. I can get a a ton of other LA/US Stations but not this one (even after update and refresh etc). Will try the link when i get home and let you know how i get on. Thanks!
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Yeah, country licensing is more likely the reason it doesn't show for you then. Not sure if the URL will work or not... the streaming provider they use could very well filter based on IP address too. But if you can go to their website and listen, then the URL should work.

Also, a note that the URL could change at any time, so there's no guarantee that it will work a week or month from now. They could make other changes to their stream that could change the URL.
Hey so i finally got home and the URL link works just fine from London. Thanks all so much for your input. Am very happy. Cheers!


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