Karaoke on Sonos

  • 4 November 2013
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47 replies

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Goodness no... definitely NOT!
it appears heaps of people are quite interested in karoake features via sonos. sonos team is there any update on new developments to report ?
Why can't we use the microphone function on our phone to connect with sonos. Ie out favourite song is playing we then go to the sonos app and access a sonos microphone an sing into it, which transfers our voice to background
I would also like to see this feature - I am forced to use connect mixer w/ separate stereo system b/c there is voice delay if I route the mixer o/p to TV and Playbar
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Yes, please program this feature! We have a cheap Karaoke machine and would much rather hear Karaoke on our Sonos players.
I have at home a SONOS system in 5 different rooms.
woul dlike to improve the system with a KARAOKE but I know that up to now it is no possible.
do you have any near upgrade for that??
tnks  a lot

Leonardo (Italy)
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No please noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Still not seeing how this is technically feasible... there is an encoding delay for any analog signal into Sonos so how can you sync things to sing along in real time?
I am sold & my wife would love me for evermore - name your price!
Any update on this....would absolutely love this feature. 
it will be a killer.. sonos being so much into music.. it absolutely makes sense... it will be one more feather to sonos hat.
How would that work since the microphone audio would be delayed for digital conversion? You would never be able to sing along in real time.
Can you pretty please do this Sonos.
Bring it on !!! Absolute game changer for Sonos
I would absolutely LOVE to have this feature. We always have to use some weird setup for karaoke, and this would be simply an amazing feature to have.
I would also use this a LOT
A Sonos microphone and/or mic adapter kit tied in with a karaoke app like Karafun would be fantastic
Kararoke on Sonos will be wonderful. Have a Sonos soundbar connected to TV, during Karaoke, I have to plug the optical cable directly into the karaoke machine to avoid delay. It's not practical.
We have been trying to work out how to connect karaoke apps via Apple TV and how we can use that and microphone through our Sonas system. So the above suggestion would be super!!
Sonos Microphone with its own charging cradle, wireless of course. Always ready to go.

Multiple mics, set up follow similar routine as Play:x

How to sync the text in the app iPad/Android/PC/TV etc??? Spotify?
Would love that.

Sonos Microphone: with its own cradle to charge it, it is always charged and ready to give it a go. Of course you can have several of them (installation similar to Play:x) so you one can all sing together.

Question is how to get the text on the iPad/tablet/PC/TV/etc. synced. In the spotify app maybe?
I know my wife would love this