Itunes tracks skipping in imported playlist, playing in sonos playlist

  • 28 January 2017
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Hello. Thanks for reading this, would be delighted to resolve this as I've had enough trouble with the recently discovered 65k limit. Appreciate any support you can give 🙂.

A small selection of tracks from itunes in my imported playlists will not play from imported playlists. However if I search for the individual song it plays, equally if I add the track from the imported playlist in my music library (where it does not play) to a newly created sonos playlist it plays perfectly.

The error message when a track does not play from an imported message appears as "unable to play 'track name' )file name) cannot be found)

On another note it appears that imported playlists are limited by track count, does anyone know what this track limit may be? Please note I removed any bulky playlists and updated my music library index with only a selection of playlists already just to rule this out.

Many thanks for any help you can offer.


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6 replies

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Hi Alan, welcome to the community. There is a maximum limit of 40,000 tracks per imported playlist and a maximum of 1,000 playlists which we can import. It's not usual for anyone to hit this limit. It sounds like there may be a discrepancy between the indexed file path and the iTunes index file 'iTunes Music Library.xml' which we use to determine the locations of files in the imported playlist. If you have moved music files around on the computer, and not updated iTunes with the new locations, then this file may contain outdated information. Can you tell me the file path to where the music lives on your computer (pick any artist as an example, such as C:\Users\thomas.burton\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Bob Dylan\ ) and then also the file path for your iTunes Media folder location, as displayed in iTunes if you go into Preferences → Advanced?
Hi Tom B. Many thanks for your reply.

I only had four or five playlists on Sonos to date. My largest playlist is 3638 tracks and I subsequently deleted it from my NAS as it does not play on Sonos. I also have another playlist of 924 tracks. This did not play either, but when I split the playlist into 3 smaller playlists they do infact play. This is with the exception of the relatively small number of tracks I have mentioned in my original post. From what I can tell I have definitely not hit the limits you mention, and have already had to remove much of my library to appease the 65k limit (something I was not aware of before purchasing sonos).

My itunes path is D:\iTunes and for an individual artist this shows as D:\iTunes\Music\Gaz Coombes Presents...\One Of These Days _ Break The Silence - \1-01 One Of These Days.m4a

What I have noticed in the Sonos App is that files which do not play all have error messages which say "Unable to play" before the track name...but in each case the track name starts with a number in the error message. So for example, even those this particular track'One Of These Days' begins with "One" in the track name description it begins as 1-01 in the error message.

I had been so relieved to find a means of playing my own playlists by splitting the playlists I made, but am now finding this very frustrating again,

Just to confirm all tracks play perfectly from itunes and itunes playlists and also play as individual tracks from Sonos and again if I create a new playlist in Sonos...bizarrely not from an imported playlist.

Appreciate any help you can give 😃.
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Hey Alan7 - Usually tracks that do not play just from "Imported Playlists" is due to those tracks file path/location changing at some point in time-- be it to a different folder on the same computer or when moving them from one computer to another. The tracks play fine in iTunes and iTunes Playlists because iTunes knows the location of the track, so even if it's changed the program can adjust accordingly. Similarly, you should be able to replicate this on Sonos. When Sonos builds the index we store where the tracks are located (E.g. user/music/iTunes) and rely on the .XML to provide the correct information about playlists. This is why you are able to play the individual tracks when searching for them via the Artists/Albums container on Sonos, but not the playlists.

As a test I would like for you to do the following (which is sounds like you may have done something similar):

1) Clear the Sonos queue
2) Add an entire playlist from one Imported Playlists that does not work
3) Save the queue as a Sonos Playlists
4) Navigate to the newly saved Sonos Playlists
5) Start playback from the playlists

The expectation is that all of the tracks from the playlist will now be working as Sonos knows where they are located due to our indexing of the music library. Let me know if this works.
HI Andy B. Many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I tried this previously, and again following your listed steps but no joy. Individual tracks still play from their original location but not from either an imported playlist nor a newly saved playlist on sonos. It's very frustrating as it will be very time consuming to load these afresh for Sonos and I've already spent the majority of my time owning the products getting my library below 65K...another restriction I didn't expect.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Bump - still no joy...sigh if only I had known about the 65k track limit before investing.
As long as Sonos maintains compatibility with their older speakers, this is unlikely to change, IMHO. I suspect that they're severely limited in memory space to handle anything more than 65K tracks.

It would be interesting to know the shipped memory on all Sonos devices.

But I'd be willing to bet the moment they stop supporting X number of speakers in order to deal with a larger number of tracks, there'd be an outcry of biblical proportions.