itunes music library on sonos not updating with new songs added to itunes on PC

  • 14 February 2013
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I have the Sonos app on my ipad and iphone but the itunes music library setting doesn't update for new songs added to itunes on my PC. What do I need to do please ?

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56 replies

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I have the same issue (I.e. Sonos says my PC is no longer available) What seems to fix it is deleting/removing the library, and then reconnecting it. Who can be bothered with that? Ain't it easier and a million times more reliable to wander over and drop the Iphone or IPod into a dock, FFS?

But what I really struggle with is why people put up with this fucking shit. Long story short the Sonos system is like a flaky teenage women............temperamental as shit, when all I want to do is listen to my music occasionally.  I must be fucking mad to persist with it.
Works like a champ - I have a network accessible hard drive connected to my router.  Within iTunes Advanced Preferences, my 'iTunes Media folder location' is set to a folder on the network drive, and 'Copy files to iTunes Media folder...' is checked.  Sonos music folder is then set to the same network drive folder.  Simple, no fuss, it just works, and Sonos even updates My Library with a scheduled update each day, so I rarely update manually through the Sonos controller.  I suspect that most of the posts in this thread are from folks who have general trouble keeping track of files on their personal computer - music or otherwise.  Let the Sonos team assist if that's the case. This is an awesome product with few flaws, and you shouldn't have to struggle 🙂
I have the Sonos app on my ipad and iphone but the itunes music library setting doesn't update for new songs added to itunes on my PC. What do I need to do please ?

TRY THIS IF YOU'VE updated computer, changed computers but have same itunes acct: go to sonos preferences>music library>music library setting folders> delete folder by highlighting existing folder and hitting - and hit + sign on bottom to have sonos connect with your current music folder... it may take a few minutes to udpate
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Similar problem, except that it's limited to a single track downloaded from iTunes. Tracks downloaded after this one index. What do you suggest?
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Hi, pkgoode. Just to clarify, is the problem that 1 track of several has not been imported correctly? What file format is the track? Is it kept in the same folder as the rest of your music?
Also sorry to chime in. I'm on a mac pro macOS High Sierra using a brand new Sonos 5. Having the same problem updating my library after adding new music on iTunes. I've deleted the entire library and reloaded it, and it still fails to see updates. I've read all the feedback above. I've converted the files to M4a, not M4p files. I can stream the albums from Apple Music, but can't play the ones I have paid for and downloaded onto my hard drive (not in the cloud). Here's a pic of an example of one that the Sonos player can't see. Any help/thoughts very much appreciated! Thank you.