iTunes Music Folder Management

  • 24 February 2006
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Just got a Terastation and want to start ripping CDs using Apple Lossless, but also want to keep MP3s for portable devices. No problem managing this in iTunes with playlists and other, but

is there some way to maintain two separate Music folders so moving MP3s around doesn't mean wading through a sea of Apple Lossless files?

Side note, started to move library over to the Terastation via 802.11g, fuggedaboutit, would have taken a couple of weeks to copy 80 gigs!

2 replies

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I talked ot Buffalo about the speed and they confirmed it was normal, have to say once it's there it is fine :)

On the seperate folders, I assume you know you can link more than one folder to the Sonos, on iTunes you dont have that flexibility as you only have one folder location to rip to etc.
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I set up a 2nd user account on my laptop. One for everything normal (AAC & my Ipod), and a second which I use for importing in Apple Lossless. On the NAS I have two folders (L:\compressed & L:\lossless).

Up to now I ended up importing lots of things twice! But it should be possible to import once in Lossless, then use those files as the source for the second import which I later convert to AAC (or similiar).