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  • 28 January 2015
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Hi all

I am a bit confused. On my tunein radio app on the ipad i can access old shows from internet radio. However accessing tunein radio on sonos, i dont seem to be able to search for old shows. It only comes up with the live radio stations.
Here is an example.
On the ipad app, search for 6mix (a show on bbc 6 music). This can be found on the ipad app.
Search for the same thing within sonos and nothing is found.
Does sonos not have the facility to listen to old shows from internet radio ?
Thanks in advance

1 reply

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Hi Mackabee,

I'm in communication with SONOS support for a similar problem with both iPad app, the PC Controller and the old CR100 hand set. After asking for guidance how to use the most UN-intuitive versions of apps released on both iPad and PC, I was able to discover the method to search for shows.
However read on because although 'Recent episodes", and 'Playing soon' appeared, touch them and you get "No selections are available".

The following is an extract from my reply to SONOS support today.

On the iPad Controller App

1. I touch the 'SONOS' search icon (opposite 'SONOS' not 'SONOS' itself)
NOTE you need to swipe the 'bar' containing the above to reveal the last few items
3. I select Podcasts & Shows
4. Into the search bar I search for the following shows [COLOR="Blue"](these are listed on TuneIn website's 'Listen on Demand' shows and there are episodes listed to listen to)[/color] "Guy Garvey's Finest Hour", Dermot O'leary, 'Bob Harris Sunday' and 'Bob Harris Country. The latter two are already listed on my favorites and both list episodes to play.
5. As for the result of the above search, for example; Searching for 'Bob Harris Sunday' lists 2 items 'Recent Episodes' and 'Playing Soon' touching these items reveals "No selections are available".

So the net result is that two completely different platforms, PC Windows 7 and IOS have the same problem !

Will post updates from SONOS when I get them


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