Is there a way to sort a sonos playlist?

  • 31 October 2012
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I have duplicate songs in a sonos playlist and would like to sort the list alphabetically to make the process easier. Is there a way to sort the list?

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64 replies

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Hello, There is no way at present to sort playlists through the Sonos controllers. I am going to move this into the Share an Idea section and submit this as a feature request for Sonos to sort playlist. This lets other users vote on the idea and the Sonos Product Development Team see the request as well.
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Are you kidding? It is so inconvenient that Sonos doesn't have the basic ability to sort playlists or automatically identify duplicates. This is really essential for a good music system.
OMG What a great idea!!! Please implement immediately. Sonos does everything well except playlists.
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Why don't we have this? Agree with the comment that the ability to sort playlists is essential functionality for a good digital music system...
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My main goal is to be able to delete duplicates in a que or playlist or be able to find a song in a que or playlist
Just wanted to add my opinion that yes, this should be an essential offering.
please implement sorting of playlists ASAP !!!
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Thanks for all the feedback guys. I know you've probably heard it already, but we don't publish a roadmap for future development, so we can't say what is and isn't currently being worked on. We love hearing what you're looking for to see in the future, so please keep it coming. When the development team chooses to put something on the todo list they have a whole lot of criteria that goes into the decisions.

We'll let you know if there's any news in the future around sorting for playlists. It's always great if you have details on how you'd like to see a new feature like this to work. Would you want to be able to sort a playlist just within the Queue or in another way?
I agree that this is a fairly fundamental requirement for any software - not just music players - especially for something like Sonos that demands a premium - Sonos the thing that's let your service down in the past is the quality and features of your clients, I've said it before - you run the risk of losing your top spot of you don't sort this out asap, people are growing frustrated that you never fix the things people ask for - is it because you don't have the skills, or couldn't be bothers? Either is concerning.
I agree would be great to be able to sort playlists. I have the same issue as duplicate songs added and no easy way to remove them.
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Hi. I am new here as a SONOS user. Seeing that this request has been made more than 2 years and still not in place make me think... either SONOS just do not care about their customers, and when we read Ryan feedback, it is just pathetic. Or it is a matter of competencies and SONOS developers are just not right for the job. Being able to sort alphabetically a list is 101 course. Sure they will never use Excel.:@
It's just software - please get this function into the software.  
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Still not an option? Even to be able to export as a m3u file to sort and re-import would be a positive step
Just wanted to add my opinion that yes, this should be an essential offering.
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This is one thing that definitely needs to be added. Even the ability to export the play list would help, then it could be edited outside of Sonos
Yes Please - it would make long playlists so much more social at parties and usable if they could be arranged alphabetically (by artist) at least.
Just Googling to see if I could do this. Please add this feature
Sort by artist, track, year, genre, ratings; are all basic incredient to any decent music library helping it stay organised. Sonos needs to address the most basic software features if it wants to capitalise on the it's market share (current and future); Bose, Samsung and others are now playing in the space, it's only a matter of time before user interface becomes the deciding factor. Features/Development cost, why re-invent when a perfectly good wheel in iTunes, Spotify, Deezer already exist, simply create a compatible 'wheel hub' (AirPlay) so that the perfect wheel can be fitted.
agree - get sorting Sonos
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Please within a playlist is good enough
Thing is your company should listen to its consumers not the development guys, afterall its the consumer that keeps you in business. Most of these post are simple recurring requests posted over many years begging for Sonos to improve its offering. Sonos really are the least customer centric business out there who don't actually care about the user once they have purchased the hardware. Your developers don't appear capable enough to even build a playlist sort functionality, why not save yourself a few bucks and leave it to the professional streamers to develop the apps
Ugh, that headed South quickly. Not sure why it's so difficult to understand the difference between engaged feedback and hostile, accusatory complaints. :? I guess that distinction is just as subtle as the one between pointing out that being rude to the humans on the other end of the discussion isn't terribly productive, and being a Sonos "fanboy".
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I've been waiting on Sonos to address this issue with playlist (can't export; sort; delete dups; etc) since I purchased my first device about 15 years ago.

Seems like a deliberate deaf ear has been turned...
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I agree, this sould definitely be possible. I wrote about this (and other things) earlier:
Sorting is basic to any database managment system. Playlist management of duplicates and artists is an essential feature lacking in the Sonos system. 
+1 to sorting