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  • 10 December 2019
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Hi I have a 1st gen Play 5 and a Play 1. Until fairly recently I have been connecting through my iPad Air. However it no longer lets me play my own downloaded music. Plus I don’t seem to be able to get my favourite radio shows any more. The Sonos helpdesk and John Lewis say it’s a problem between Sonos and Apple and the only way to resolve it is to upgrade my Play 5 so that I can access it through Airplay.

They also say the same when I ask about listening to BBC Sounds through Sonos. 

My iPad Air is going slow (it’s getting old) and I need to replace it and am happy with the iPad in all respects apart from the inability to play my own music or BBC Sounds through Sonos. In John Lewis they suggested I may be better replacing my iPad with an Android tablet as I will be able to listen to my downloaded music that way. I don’t think this solves the BBC Sounds problem though as I think that will require the next gen Play 5. 

I’m really unsure whether to switch to an Android tablet and also whether it is worth getting a new gen Play 5, or whether to ditch Sonos altogether and look at other speaker systems. Would welcome views.


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3 replies

I would keep things simple. Just add either a Bluetooth receiver, or Airport Express, wired to your Play: 5 speaker and you can then  play all the music from your iPad to any of your speakers using the line-in as your music source.

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How about getting a Sonos One SL?  They can be had for £159 from Sonos and if you don’t get on with it you can return within 100 days.  This speaker does not have Google or Alexa but does have Airplay 2.  If you want to try Voice then a Play One fro £10 more is another option.


This will enable Airplay 2 capability from your iPad and you can then share that to the rest of your existing speakers, prolonging their usefulness.  This means you can stay with and iPad when you decide to upgrade your tablet.


The methods suggested to you by Sonos and JL are not the only options.  As well as those suggested in previous replies, if you have iTunes on a computer you can play the music stored there using your existing iPad as a controller.