Interval timer

  • 18 January 2019
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Hi Sonos, I have purchased Sonos play speakers for my gym. Do you know of any compatible interval timer apps that play the buzzer sounds over the music that is currently playing? I have just replaced my Bose system that has this function. Thanks.

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6 replies

There's no function in Sonos that allows playing of any sound on top of what's being played. You can only have one "stream" at a time.
Thanks Airgetlam for your reply. Damn! 😞
Sorry that I didn't have a solution for you. I suppose it's possible that there's a third party app out there that could do it, but I'm certainly not familiar with it.
I have exactly the same desire to have as a function on Sonos. Hope they are listening 🙂
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Hi folks,

I'll send along a feature request to add playback of sounds over the music to the Sonos system. Thanks for the suggestion.
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If you're aware of an app or program that can do this already, you could use an aux connection or airplay to play that audio.