Internet radio in Vancouver, Canada

  • 3 September 2006
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Hi all,

I've been unsuccessful in trying to listen the radio station in Vancouver using Sonos. I've no problem using WMP10. Can anybody please give me some help.

Radio Station: AM1470 or FM961 in Vancouver, Canada


Links from WMP (FM961):

Links from WMP (AM1470):

Thanks v. Much

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2 replies

Looks like no one has figured it out... I'm a new Sonos user and would like to know if anyone has any luck streaming AM1470 and FM961 in Vancouver as well.
Well, looking at 1470's website, it looks like, to my uneducated eye, that they don't want you to stream other than using their web interface, so Tunein and Sonos won't be able to carry it. And I note that 96.1 is owned by the same company, so it's likely they don't want you to be out of their own ecosystem as well. As a guess, I'd say they want the ability to push you visual advertising, which can't be done on Sonos, but I'll admit that's my fallback answer for many of these companies who don't stream for anyone but themselves (including the BBC, to be honest). But your objection is probably best carried out with the stations themselves, since they're the one who are obstructing TuneIn and consequently Sonos from carrying the broadcasts.