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UK Internet Radion Stations

Sorry if this request has already been posted - i've had a look through but can't see anything! Is there a definitive list or guide to UK based internet radion stations? I'm not sure how to add ot...

Which NAS solution?

I've just started to look at (cheap-ish) NAS solutions, and realised that there are many options. Do you have any recommendations? For instance, I like the look of a Buffalo TerraStation and LinkSta...

Classic FM (UK)

Not sure how to request how to add to the official Sonos list but here's a station I have added locally http://audio.musicradio.com/playlist.asx?show=5

Internetradiostations for Austria

Hallo I have find austrian internetradiostations with a http at the beginning and with a mms at the beginning. Now i can hear with the http but not with the mms. What can i do? For test take the stre...

Is this a valid URL to a radio stream...

...see, I haven't got a Sonos yet, and one thing I REALLY want to do is to listen to the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). I saw that the link they have in order to listen to one of their chann...

Abacast and ASX

Greetings, Some of local stations in my area are "Abacast" enabled. I haven't figured out how to add these stations as the url appears "localhost". Has anyone had any luck adding such stations? Se...

Need help with URLs for 2 Philly Stations

610 WIP AM - previously provided URL no longer works 94 WYSP FM - Need this one so I can listen to Merrill Reese broadcast the Eagles games... Any help would be appreciated.

now that I subscribe to Rhapsody...

I installed the Sonos last week, subscribed to Rhapsody, and listen to my ripped CD music, and Rhapsody through my 3 ZP's. No problems. My son has a computer in his room which has no ZP. If I add a...

Renaming Track Titles

I'm looking for a tool for easily renaming titles of FLAC files. The ones out there , like Tag & Rename, seem designed for editing and renaming File names, but not the titles. I'm not sure why this is...

Anyone using Pandora?

I recently heard about Pandora (www.pandora.com) and have found it a great way to find new music. I am considering getting a Sonos system and want to know if there is a way to listen to Pandora throu...


I managed to enter the URL for one of the GotRadio stations but every time I open it, it plays the same song. Has anyone had success using the GotRadio stations on Sonos? Does anyone know of other s...

Trouble getting local public radio station to work

Here is the link for WHRV. http://www.whrv.org/home/html/liveradio/whrv.wax The promo track plays in the Sonos radio, but when it switches to the radio stream is says "Error playing Internet Radio - n...

Sonos / Rhapsody integration

Seems there is quite a few problems in this area. My problem is as follows - I have a Rhapsody subscription and have downloaded most songs to my PC that I wish to listen to. When I select the Rhapso...

Halloween internet radio stations

Hi, I'm brand new to Sonos. Got my 2 zone bundle last week. I spent last weekend installing in-ceiling speakers. But afterwards, it was soooo worth it. This system is amazing. I haven't yet subscribed...

Scattered Files

How well does the sonos handle the way that iTunes organises its files? i.e. putting them in folders according to artist name. Is there a performance hit while the sonos scrambles around finding the...

Does Sonos support music purchased through Itunes?

Does Sonos support music purchased through Itunes? Regards, Wyatt

UPnP Problems, no Rhapsody

I've kept my computer fairly locked down. I recently got a Sonos system and I'm having some issues: I can get both Zone Players to see the remote and the PC software sees them fine. However, they d...

Question for Rhapsody Users

I am trying to burn a disc from my Rhapsody Unlimited Subscription... It tells me I need to pay $7.99 for the album and it needs to download it first and then burn it... ok - fine. So I do that and i...

Does my computer have to stay 'awake'?

I am considering buying a Sonos system and have been browsing these forums and the FAQ. One of the FAQ's concerns 'Music dropping out after a period of activity on my computer'. Is it really nece...

Internet Radio

Hi, I added succesfully http://players.eonstreams.com (New Yorks #1 Hit Music Station) http://www.z100.com/pages/player/ but it doesn't work. Who can help? The message I got is: Error playing Interne...

Internet Radio

Do Someone know why the link http://tuner1.sonixtream.dc1.com doesn't work. It is WCBSFM (New York). On the computer it works perfect but not on Sonos. Hope someone can help. Kind regards Dutchie

External Radio Suggestion

Does anyone know about an inexpensive, mid-size to small radio, power supply through outlet, that has a line-out connection? I find myself longing for a couple of local stations every once in a while...

Non-standard genres?

I imported the album "Bootsy Collins: Back In The Day" using iTunes. It was classified as something silly, like "Rock" or such. So, I went in a change the genre - to a custom name, "Funk". It shows...

BBC Radio 1, 2, 3 & 4

Has anyone figured out a way to get BBC Radio Stations 1,2,3 &4 through the Sonos system?

Rhapsody on OSX DTC

Just wondering if we will ever see Music Services/Rhapsody on the OSX DTC software. And to extend that thought, what about a Dashboard widget? UR


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