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Rhapsody via Web Discussion

I figure there are other Rhapsody things to talk about so I'll start a Discussion thread to try to tidy up a bit ... but I have a question - has anyone really used the new website for Rhapsody? I mea...

Rhapsody "Down for Maintanence" ?

Anyone else seeing this?

linkstation noisy fan

Have any of you linkstation owners experienced this? Have you been able to resolve it? I'm wondering if this is a common issue among linkstation owners. Thanks!

$20 if you can solve my streaming problem

I know $20 isn't much, but it's something. I'll PayPal $20 (US) to the first person who can find me a way to stream FM4 on my Sonos. (http://fm4.orf.at/static/stream/index.html, which I can stream in...

Xmas songs

I use iTunes to rip my music which is then shared with Sonos. In the run up to the holiday season, I'd appreciate some advice with this setup... What I'd like to do is to rip a few albums containing...

Replay Radio?

Does anyone have any experience using replay radio to playback recorded internet radio programs with Sonos? Seems like it should work.... anybody actually done this? Thanks.....

New Forum

A new forum for discussion of Internet Radio related questions, suggestions, recommendations etc.

Need recommendation for a FM transmitter

Hey, I am absolutely convinced that a Sonos system would be perfect for my needs. I also intend to "broadcast" music to my shower radio and an AM/FM radio on my deck. Therefore, I need a FM transmi...

RealPlayer Streaming Support

Hi, Are there any plans to support RealPlayer streaming? The BBC in the UK use this format. Many thanks Trevor

Where's my WAV metadata?

Any ideas on why metadata for my WAV tracks do not translate to the controller? When I index my library, metadata for new AAC and MPEG files show up fine. WAV files only show up on the "Track" list,...

Streaming through some sort of proxy or redirect

Hi there, I need help help getting the following url to stream through my Sonos: http://radio.ext.ru/playlist/radio.m3u?station=radiojazz&stream=128 It works well in Windows Media Player, but when I...

Volume Normalization Revisited

Greetings, All of my music files are ripped to .flac. I have been searching for a way to add volume normalization to these existing files but I see from a previous post that Foobar2000 has some issu...

Uncompressed format with ID tag?

So I've just learned that if I use the WAV format with my Sonos, I can't associate any metadata with the files without using 3rd part software. Does Sonos support any uncompressed format that does o...

Large Library

The Sonos FAQ states that 40,000 tunes is the maximum limit. I think many users will have more. Is there a plan to increase the limit?

New UK community radio station

Just for info, a new station was launched in the midlands yesterday (Vale of Belvoir, near Melton Mowbray). Its available online too:

DRM Blues

Well, I have just finished digitizing my entire music library and installing three SONOS players around my house. But the last 2 CD's that I bought are copy protected. I can't rip them or even play th...

Indexing Problem--Rhapsody and Sonos

I have a problem with the indexing of my albums in Rhapsody as they are displayed by Sonos. The albums are listed multiple times with only a few tracks (varies) in the "album" rather than all of them...

internet radio station

can anyone show me how to get this radio station to play on my Sonos? www.wmvy.com Thank you

Album Art

This is my first question on this forum and would firstly like to thank all who have contributed as forums help the community thus keeping the product offering strong. My question... I have been usin...

WMA format

I've read in this forum that Sonos does not support the WMA format for music files. Is this correct?

Licence requied??

I recently ran into something I haven"t encountered before. I purchased a cd from a small record label (Mardi Gras ) and when I placed it into my cd drive, up pops a window from "Media Max" informing...

Disappearing Artist List in Rhapsody

Once my connection to Rhapsody times out it will reconnect automatically when I try use my Sonos like it is supposed to but there is a problem. Anytime after this reconnect happens, when I browse the...

Time Warp

I tried connecting the 'audio out' from my dvd player to the' line in' inputs on zp#2, but find that the audio track is out of sync with the video. I assume this reflects some processing delay in the...

I want to buy a Sonos but...

Do I have this right that if I use iTunes to buy a new song I won't be able to play it over Sonos....if that is the case what is the point? A great way to play my old non DRM music? Also if a NAS is...

Finding Missing/Corrupted Tags

In comparing the number of .flac files I have and the number of tracks indexed, I have noticed a disparity of over 300 tracks. I have found some of the tracks missing from the index where I would see...


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