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playing music from iPhone 6

unable to play music from my iPhone6. When I hit browse there is no category from my iPhone

Sonos slow to access Google Music / Unable to Play-Unable to Connect to Google Music error

Hi, I really like my new Sonos setup. I have a Connect with a pair of two Play1 speakers, with output and input thru my Yamaha RX V681 receiver. Everything is generally working great: I have music fr...


I would like to be able to play on Overcast playlist on Sonos. Is there any way to contact Sonos to ask if this is possible?

Deleting an idex

Is it possible to delete one particular index instead of having to delete the share and then starting from scratch by adding a share.

Pocket Casts not showing any entries

I use PocketCast on iOS. I've added PocketCast as a music service on Sonos. When i browse the Service on the Sonos Controller App (on iOS or on my Mac), I get five submenus: "Podcastst / New releases...

Serato Pyro

Any chance of adding serato payro

Serato Pyro on Sonos

I use Serato Pyro on my iPhone exclusively to play music in my car over bluetooth to my BMW audio system. For the type of music I listen to (electronic and indie rock), this player is far superior to...

Is it possible to get Libby to work on Sonos?

So I have the app Libby that I use a lot of audiobooks. Is there a way to get it to work on my Sonos? I hate that I have to use headphones to listen to audiobooks when I have 3 speakers around the hou...

New "computer doesn't let sonos connect to it"

Sonos system : 2 connect + 1 Play3 Computer : macBookPro with High Sierra (10.13.6) NAS : usb drive behind an Airport Extreme Until recent past : everything going well for months (NAS with 1 connect...

Sonos apps will not shuffle play iTunes library

This morning I find that none of my Sonos apps—on iMac, iPad, or iPhone X—will shuffle play my iTunes library. I can play an individual song, but when I tell the app to other play songs either in orde...

Amazong Slow Downer V 4.0.5 by Roni Software - play to Sonos

Hi, I really love my Sonos system; I have speakers around my home and I love the way I can play some things. Use my Mac with Slow Downer to rehearse music and would really love to be able to play t...


I cannot get SeriusXM to add/connect. Has anyone else had this problem. All other streaming services work great.

Amazing Slow Downer

Will Sonos enable the use of Amazing Slow Downer on Sonos?

Downloading music onto Sonos.

Is there a way to download/Save music directly to sonos and play it without any internet connection? Our internet has been down so I am wondering if that is a possibility for the future.

Unable to add Spotify account

Simple as title.. It doesn't even ask for account credential, when i try to add my Spotify Premium service to Sonos it shows this message.. i tried everything (updating, rebooting ecc..) It works per...

Unable to connect to Amazon Music.... or Apple Music after playing one song...

I can play music from my hard drive to Sonos. However whenever I try to play my Amazon Music or Apple Music accounts I constantly get "unable to connect to Amazon Music... Or Apple Music. However it...

Sonos and Overcast (podcast app)

I am just about ready to pull the trigger on buying some Sonos products for my home (either a pair of Play: 1 or a Play: 5) but it appears that they won't work with Overcast, the app I use to listen t...

Music services unavailable

Hello Ive just purchased a play 1, im using an ipod touch to run music through, ive subscribed to apple music but wheni go to add services, its saying thats its unavailable at present, any ideas??

Home systems integration

Integrate Sonus, WiFi, Digital Amps SkyQ

can't play iPod through my Sonos

Why can't I play my docked iPod through my Sonos after the latest update?

Sonos and Spotify issues

Running a playbar, sub and two ones grouped as a 5.1. Also running (ungrouped) 2 x play ones in kitchen and bedroom. When I play a tune with Spotify and choose either grouped or ingroup speaker, I’m...

Amazon Music not playing music despite having Amazon Prime account.

I have a new BEAM set up, all working smoothly but when I ask Alexa to play a particular song/album that I know is available through Prime Music, it says that the song/album is only available via Amaz...

Tried adding new tracks

I connected my hard drive to computer to rip more cds which stated they had when I connected back to hub there is no sign of new music and all of the album covers have vanished.

Apple Music Playlists through Library not working

When trying to access Apple Music Playlists through Library on Sonos, I got the message today “We’ve run into a problem. Try again.” This includes Chill Mix, Favorites Mix, New Music Mix, and any ot...

Spotify playlist order

Please just make a way to sort Spotify playlist by recently added etc


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