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YouTube on Sonos

fellas..sorry a Rooki in sonos...can i play youtube songs on my sonos one speaker as i use to do in bose?

Deezer music service stange issues

I've been using Deezer across a three Play:5 speakers multi-room both controlled from my PC and my iPhone. Last night I noticed that all of my playlists had changed to music that I don't recognise and...

SoundCloud: "Unable to browse music"

I cannot play anything from SoundCloud. Whenever I drill down into a section that should contain actual tracks, I instead get the message "Unable to browse music". I have checked multiple sections in...

How do I play music directly from my devices or other music services?

I use music services not listed on Sonos’ music services selection. How do I play them? What are other options? Thank you.

Cleaning up Music Library issues

Although 90+ of my Music Library is correct, I'd like to clean up some of the outliers. For example I have stray tracks where some Cast Recordings seem to have two titles and one is in the the full al...

My Sonos keeps losing connection to Apple Music

Why has my Sonos system started to lose connection to my Apple Music library?? It’s really annoying..... I have tried everything but it seems to be a random thing !!! I have submitted a diagnostic rep...

How to I add an Audible book to a sonos playlist?

I want to set up an audible book to be played as the music source for an alarm. I understand that I need to add the book to a playlist in order to be able to select it, but I can't work out how. Can a...

Sonos 5 playback delay

Have my Sonos 5 connected via 3.5mm audio jack to the TV and am getting a 2 second playback delay with the sound. Worked fine for a month or so but just seems to have given up. Whats a fix and/or bett...

Setting up Anghami with Sonos - Problem

Hi, When I try to setup my Anghami plus subscription with my Sonos, I always get the error message in the sonos client "Unsupported Account Type" and that I have to be a full subscriber to add Angham...

Possible to Cast from Google Play Music on PC to Sonos Soundbar?

Is is possible to cast from Google Play Music, running through a web browser on a windows PC, to a Sonos soundbar? The soundbar doesn't even show up as an option to cast to (but other devices do). I...

Cannot use iTunes playlists on my NAS

Hi, I've copied all of my music as an iTunes folder onto a NAS drive, which I've connected to my router via an ethernet cable. I can use Sonos to play the songs individually as I select them from the...

Music keeps stopping and starting

Hi all, suddenly my music when played through Spotify to any room will just stop then 30 seconds or so later start again with the next song in the playlist. Anyone got any remedies ? Thanks.

Connection to deezer

Hi, any idea why Deezer displayed in Dutch and then, after I removed and added the service again, Polish? In both cases with a different set of playlists in my music? Deezer itself is working normally...

leaving the house

really silly question I'm sure... i use spotify/radio on my phone. i have unlimited data on my home internet plan. when i leave the house and the music is still running, does this somehow use my pho...

Spotify skipping tracks

Hi, Spotify has just recently started skipping tracks part way through. Not every track but enough to make the service unusable. Just tried again and it’s still happening. Diagnostic number 1794933838...

Skipping tracks

My sonos speakers keep skipping tracks and audio files randomly. So for example, I’ll be listening to my audio lecture stored on my iPhone and which can be up to 2 hours long track. Well, annoyingly m...

Deezer playlists import

How can I import my existing Deezer playlists into Sonos?

TuneIn Radio (BBC Catchup) shows not appearing in Sonos search (but do on TuneIn website)

Hi, I am getting a bit fed up with my favourite BBC Radio catchup shows (Pete Tong Friday night especially) not appearing in TuneIn Radio Search or Browse results in the Sonos App. If I go to the Tun...

Need a small (150GB max) NAS; are there thumb-drive solid state NAS products that would work with SONOS?

Helping a friend work out his SONOS implementation. He's on a budget and 150GB is probably his lifetime music storage need. Hoping to find NAS that's simple, cheap, and hopefully solid state. Are t...

10% Happier meditation app on Sonos

I would love to be able to link my accounts and listen to the "10% Happier" meditations on my Sonos speakers. I have reached out to the producers of "10%." I just wanted to make that request here to...

When I save a Spotify song into a Sonos playlist, does it remember the Spotify account?

Before we had Spotify Family my sons created some Sonos playlists using my Spotify account. Now that they have their own Spotify accounts, their Sonos applications are set to use those accounts. But...

Amazon disappeared from Sonos this morning

No Amazon library/ access this morning. Both the PC and Android Sonos apps and it has also vanished from the music services menu... any one else?

Spotify on other devices & Sonos

Is this due to my setup? If I play or search using Spotify on my phone (say via a Google Chromecast audio) and then move to my Sonos system I can't continue to play or see previous searches, etc. I u...

disappointed with integration

I have had Sonos for over a year now. I keep hearing whispers of Audible integration and empty promises of “its coming”. Sound is nice with these speakers, but the obvious void of not being able to li...

Can't find 'Control from Spotify' under Settings

Diagnostic number: 1854007867 I need to connect my Sonos Play:5 to Spotify and I can't find the 'Control from Spotify' option under settings. I went through other threads in the community and it look...


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