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Streaming Services Music Quality Differences

My Amazon Unlimited subscription is expiring. Is it worth upgrading to a more expensive service, such as Tidal? Can the human ear actually detect the difference in music quality? I have read differing...

Hi-Resolution Audio and Sonos

This topic form is intended to uncover the truth about what Sonos products (if any) actually support Hi-Res audio (ex. 24bit/192KHz, DSD, MQA). Further more I would like to exclude personal opinions a...

Request to add new 2019 SiriusXM "Xtra" channels & Why does the Sonos windows app only list SiriusXM Canada under Add Music Services? (I'm in the USA)

Why does the Sonos windows app only list SiriusXM Canada under Add Music Services? (I'm in the USA) Sonos Controller for PC Version 10.0 Build 48261220 It seems to be working, it let me log in but I'...

Weird song skipping issue w/ Amazon Music

I’ve been having a weird issue with my sonos ones and amazon music. Playing any music and when a song ends, the next song starts...then stops...then beginning of the song that just finished starts, t...

How to choose a specific Spotify Premium Family user from inside Sonos?

Suddenly it’s only my daughter’s Spotify account that shows up in the Sonos app. I can't choose my own playlists anymore...

Deezer problems.... Still!

After the problems last week that were supposed to have been fixed, I've looked again at my playlists and albums through Sonos and they are all random that I've not added? Anybody else still experienc...

Apple Music - no “top songs” option AND voice commands no longer working to play from Apple Music

Hello. I have Amazon Music and Apple Music on my sonos one devices. I want to get rid of amazon music due to finances. When I use the sonos app to access music, with Amazon music, after searching an...

sonos not updating from soundcloud

playlists and likes are not synchronised with soundcloud, have removed/re-add and revoked/defined sonos access in soundcloud.

Amazon Music keeps skipping

I have three Sonos One, running Alexa and playing Amazon Music. Over the past 4-5 days, I have noticed that when Amazon Music plays a song, it will either chop off the song with 3-4 seconds left, paus...

Sonos Android and BBC Sounds

When will Sonos allow Android phones to play BBC Sounds

Google Play music indexing

Too many artist listed under "The" in my collection.

missing thumbs up/down in Pandora

I recently added Sonos 1 to my existing Sonos system - now the thumbs up and down in Pandora has disappeared !! I desperately need it back - can anyone help ?

Music Library - cannot see it

I cannot update my music library. My music is stored on a Brennan b2. I have 300+ albums on this and recently added another but when I do I get a message saying it cannot find the library. Is this any...

Feature request: Fast Forward and Rewind control for downloaded content

I listen to podcasts and audiobooks on SONOS a lot and I'm really missing the Apple's Rewind and Fast Forward 15 seconds feature. All too often there would be a noise outside or I get distracted, and...

Stream apple music library through airport extreme without internet

Can I stream my apple music library through an airport extreme that is not connected to the internet? I have an Airport Extreme Base Station that I would like to use to set up a wi-fi network to play...

How do I limit Sonos "Music Library" to only pick up Music from iTunes?

How do I limit Sonos "Music Library" to only pick up Music from iTunes?

#featurerequest scribd

Would love to have access to my Scribd account on the Sonos app.

Amazon Music Australia

Hi guys, When are you planning on supporting Amazon Music in Australia? I can see it's not supported here: https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3524/~/amazon-music-and-sonos Thanks


I listen to audiobooks on audible and scribd. Thank you, thank you for finally adding audible to the available music services. Can you please add Scribd as well?

Spotify Connect & India

Spotify has just launched in India; for Spotify Connect to work, is it necessary for Spotify to be added to my music services in Sonos? If yes, when will it be visible for selection under music servic...

any chance someone can fix soundcloud after latest update broke it?

any chance someone can fix soundcloud after latest update broke it? not syncing likes or playlists

Airplay 2, phone call drops

When I listen to music using Apple Music on my iPhone and Sonos Play:One with Airplay 2, the phone call "drops" after some time. The call is still active, but the sound dissapear for me and the person...

TRNTBL Quick Review

I wanted one of these turntables when first announced by my enthusiasm waned when they handled their delays poorly. Then on Xmas am Santa Wife put one under the tree. The good- If you like the look o...

Play music stored on cloud-storage (f.e. DropBox)

I have ripped all my CD's an put them on my dropbox so I can access them any-where any-time. But I can't find how to play them on my sonos.

Spotify songs are grey

Some songs of personal playlists are grey and not playable. I can play them in spotify on my devices, but not through Sonos.


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