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How does one add TuneIn Podcasts to "Sonos Favorites" or "My Sonos" ?

It's easy and obvious how to add a radio station to top-level favorites (examples on Controller app on MacOS): 1. Radio By TuneIn 2. My Radio Stations 3. Click triangle on the show you want 4....

Pocketcast sync

I use Pocketcast to listen to podcasts on both my Sonos system and my phone. When I first started using it in February 2018, it was working pretty well. But now it's becoming basically unusable. The s...

Search not working in Amazon service

Search is broken in the Amazon service in both the Windows and Android app's

No alphabetical order option available when browsing albums on Spotify via Sonos

I would like to raise an issue with Spotify functionality on Sonos app. When I go to 'Your music' => Albums, I no longer see my albums in alphabetical order. This used to work but now there's no optio...

Encoded incorrectly

I'm trying to play my podcast trough pocket casts and i keep getting this error: encoded incorrectly. Playing my podcast on the site of pocket casts works perfectly, when i play it on sonos it self I...

Nativ Vita Music Player

I recently bought the Natuv Vita music player that now houses my music library. It is a great system for audiophiles and worth s look. I would like to know if the Sonos plan to integrate or partner wi...

LivePhish playback issues

When playing LP Thru sonos, songs do not finish and either jump around to another song out of order, or just directly to the next song but either way the songs are not playing until the end. Any help...


TuneIn cannot play some stations anymore

Unable to connect to TuneIn

Since yesterday afternoon I have been unable to play TuneIn radio stations. It spends ~1min connecting then I get "unable to play ... unable to connect to TuneIn". Any ideas?

Google Play Music moves to next track before current track is finished

When casting from the Android Google Play Music app to any of my speakers, the track skips to the next one far before the previous one has ended. Can be easily ten or twenty seconds. This has been hap...

Playing Youtube via SONOS on Android

Hi All, I can play my youtube videos to sonos via airplay feature. However I dont get any option on Android device?? Help me out here please. Thank you.

Songs Skipping

Hi My Sonos setup continually skips songs. They are on the device I'm playing the music from but randomly, midway through the song, it skips to the next song in the queue. Anybody any ideas? I hav...

Apple Music via AirPlay 2 - Low volume

When I use AirPlay 2 to stream Apple Music, it’s quiet. Applies to all my speakers; one, five and beam. Other platforms like YouTube and Amazon Music are louder when air playing to speakers. Anyone ha...

MLB Sonos 2019 season

Hi all, I know you battled this a lot last year. I am close to the time to renew on MLB and Sonos support is a major decision factor. I also have the need to build out a system for another house and M...

Suggested feature: Dynamic TuneIn syncing

I have several Sonos throughout my house and regularly listen to Tunein stations in various rooms. Unfortunately, if I start to listen to a stream in a room, then walk to another and start the same s...

Amazon Music playlist will only display 500 tracks in the SONOS desktop controller

I have over 800 tracks in a single Amazon Unlimited Playlist which I choose to listen to from my SONOS system. When I play these from the SONOS desktop controller I can only see around 500 tracks. I c...


Tunein suddenly disappeared from my sonos app. I see several queries about its exclusion. Thought Sonos is a sound system, to link my audio devices and apps to speakers. Didn’t imagine it was going t...

Unable to play selected items message

when accessing Pandora or other music services. Have not changed anything uggh!

Plex Mix functionality

Should Plex Mix work in combination with Sonos? I have a Plex pass subscription but I am surprised that the 'Plex Mix' selection is not available.

Amazon Prime Music

I have added my Amazon Music account from my Prime membership. Not an amazon unlimited account. It loads, allows me to see a lot of playlists, but when I select to play, attempts to play, fails with...

Amazon Music Unlimited Canada

Amazon Music Unlimited has been available in Canada for months now, and still not available as a music service. What's the holdup? We were told it would be available soon. First it was no MLB last spr...

Podcast control and dropout issues after last Sonos update.

Hello: I have been having issues playing back downloaded podcasts on my iPhone 5S that seem to have started when I downloaded the last Sonos app update. The issues are: 1) Podcast playback stops freq...

Airplay password prompt

Whenever I try to use airplay to play audio on my Sonos one, I get a prompt to enter an airplay password. I get the same prompt when trying to add my Sonos one to my HomeKit too. I have “require passw...

New Siruis XM Channels not showing up in Sonos

Recently Sirius XM added 100+ new streaming channels. I see them on my Siruis App, but they don't show up in my Sonos. Does anyone know how I can get them to show up?

Apple Music Subscription

I’m permanently signed into my Apple Music account on my Sonos setup and anyone in the family using the Sonos system stops me listening to Apple Music directly on my iPhone. What do I need to do to av...


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