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High-Res, Sonos and Ease of Use

I'm a new Sonos user and really never thought to have researched the aspect of the system supporting high-res files. I'm sorely disappointed to find out that it doesn't. Personally, I'm a jazz-buff....

Spotify / Apple Music - can’t add

Hi, I’ve recently re-set up our Sonos network after moving house. Both Apple Music and Spotify have disappeared from our controllers, and when searching ‘add music services’ they cannot be found. Th...

Not possible to create playlists using music stored on my device

I have loads of music stored on sd card local to my device, so not streamed. The ability to either create playlists using this locally stored music or save a queue of it, is either greyed out or not a...

No Audio when streaming via Airplay to Apple TV to Beam via Airplay 2

We bought a Sonos Beam to replace our B&O Beolit '12 Airplay enabled speaker in the living room. We are using an Apple TV (4. gen) connected to a projector. So far the audio of video content was strea...

Play:5's cuts out immediately every time a song is added to the Apple Music queue

Using the Apple Music app... When attempting to Airplay to 2 Play:5's (Gen 2 - Setup in wireless mode) in separate rooms and an Apple TV at the same time, playback starts fine and works as expected u...

Mac> Music Library> Sleep > Sonos = don't play nicely.

When playing music on my Sonos from the library on my Mac's hard disk with nothing else happening, the Mac and monitor go to sleep at whatever time is specified in Energy Settings and the music stops...

Spotify not found on Sonos app in UAE

Spotify officially launched in UAE months ago and I cannot listen to it on my sonos. When is this problem going to be fixed? Sonos is a speaker not a streaming service and should not delay users!

No Amazon Music in Services list

Hi I’m in the Uk, Spotify & Apple appear no problem but no sign of Amazon Music, I’ve contacted Amazon & they say it’s a Spotify issue? Please help ASAP

Cannot add my NAS-based music library to Sonos controller under Windows 10

Hello. I have been using my Synology NAS to host my music library (an iTunes structure) for the last 10 years under Windows 7 and never had any problems. I just moved to a Windows 10 (Pro 64-bit) comp...

neil young archives

sonos please create a channel to play the neil young archives

Sonos with Idagio issues

Idagio streaming service has recently become available in Canada so I signed up for an account and added it to my Sonos setup. Couple of issues: 1. In the Idagio app on my pc I've saved around 150 alb...

Pandora stops playing

Why does Pandora stop playing after playing for awhile?

Unable to browse TuneIn

I am unable to browse / search TuneIn from the Mac App. I can still listen to TuneIn stations saved in Sonos Favorites, but cannot find new ones.

Sonos can’t find iTunes Library

Since upgrading to Mojave on my MacBook Pro Sonos can no longer find my music library even when I search manually, keep getting to 1002 error. Sonos and Apple don’t get no very well as I previously ha...

Problems playing iTunes library and Amazon music

I’ve had this problem since I bought my connect amp, I’ve reported it a couple of times and if anything it’s got worse. It used to be that tracks would skip randomly from iTunes but now it happens whe...

Apple Music “For You” vs Sonos “For You”

The music selection from iTunes Apple Music For You is different that what I see under Sonos > Browse > Apple Music > For you. I am trying to play music that Apple Music has suggested and does not co...

Access YouTube

I know you cannot play YouTube videos on a Sonos One through an Android device, but if I enable Alexa, can I have her access YouTube for me?

Android music player to connect to DLNA server and stream to Sonos?

I am undecided between a Sonos and a Chromecast audio system. I will set up a DLNA server (probably on a Synology NAS, but where the server is shouldn't matter) with my music collection. I would lik...

MusicBee, how play directly from MusicBee to Sonos

Is there a way to stream music from MusicBee to the Sonossystem?

Renaming Artists

I'm having an issue renaming artists in my SONOS library playlist, hoping someone can offer advice. I have several artists that should be under one name, but show up multiple times under slight varia...

Display of Source File

I would like to know if it would be possible for the Sonos "Now Playing" screen to display the music service, category, playlist name, artist and song. The additional data could also be retained if th...

Sonos and Google Play Music

Hi, I have both a Spotify and Google Play Music subscription. I can stream/cast songs from the Spotify account, but I cant get GPM to work on Sonos - either through the Sonos App or casting from the...

Find archive shows for KCRW

How do you find archive shows for KCRW? I know there is a way using TuneIn, but I need detail instructions how to use it.

Radio station listed by TuneIn on website, but not found in Sonos App

Hi, I was looking for a station, Gavdos FM 88.8, and found it listed by TuneIn on their website (https://tunein.com/radio/Gavdos-FM-888-s102852/), but when I search for it in the Sonos app, it's not...

Xm on demand shows

Lately XM on demand episodes play for a couple of minutes and then restart from the beginning through the Sonos app. Anyone else having this problem?


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