inconsistency how songs show under artists

  • 11 January 2020
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some of my songs in artists display show a leading Alpha letter ( example A under all songs in A, and so on) others just show in alphabetical order. No consistency even artists with 15 or more songs have no leading alpha letter prior to showing? 

2 replies

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I think you are talking about the alphabetic jump-list. Are you referring to your Local Library, or from a music service? The former is determined by Sonos (and i forget the value that it kicks in at), the latter is determined by the music service.

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First thank you for responding and I am 

referring to my local library. I have approximately 2500 songs and some artists have the leading alphabetic letter shows on some but not all. It doesn’t seem to be consistent with any certain number of songs by an artist, such as over 10 the leading alpha would be there. I have artists with 15 songs that have it and others with 20 songs that don’t. Thanks again appreciate your help