Inappropiate advert with content which is adult only.

  • 9 July 2022
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Dear Sonos 

Thank you for Sonosradio with smooth jazz.

I am a normalt a very happy listener. 

Though, I have recently more times received the same advert for sex toys. In the advert there is a female voice who advertises sex toys which makes wednesdays special. I find this inappropiate when my 13 year old son is nearby. Off course I have raised him so that he knows what sex is. But sex toys in a radio commercial saturday morning just after breakfast? Honest? Will Sonos please return if you find this appropiate? Of course I could pay to skip the commercials. Normally I am OK with commercials but I didnt foresee a connection between Sonos and adult content.


8 replies

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As these toys are legal to sell and not unhealthy why should they not be advertised at any moment? Are you really proposing a time window for certain ads?  

There is a lot of content available. If a service annoys me for any reason, I’ll just move on.

I’ve not heard the advert in question, but I’m siding with the OP here - I don’t like these type of things either, particularly when my grandchildren are listening, or I have audio playing in the garden and my neighbours are wondering what my Wife and I are listening to. I am a little old fashioned, I guess, but I find such things can, on occasions, be inappropriate.

I’m not a fan of swearing/bad language on some audio tracks too. The settings should be to have such things filtered by default and only ‘enabled’ if requested by a user - not the other way around.

I’ll get down from my soapbox.

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100% agree.

I find the idea that something being legal and not unhealthy means it can be advertised anytime very strange.

I'd certainly be rather uncomfortable in certain company should certain things be broadcast in front of them.

That's the idea of a watershed surely - an acceptance that such things are ‘healthy’ and legal etc. but there's a time and place for them.

Whether some want to defend it or not I'd like to think it was an oversight and will be corrected, reported in the appropriate way.

I suspect the challenge may be in defining what the line is between appropriate and inappropriate, which may be different for each person.

In my relatively brief experience with Sonos Radio too much uncomfortable content was delivered, the playlists seemed relatively short, and I’ve moved on.

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I suspect the challenge may be in defining what the line is between appropriate and inappropriate, which may be different for each person.

Pretty much most things can have differences of what is appropriate and inappropriate for each person - that's why we have rules and laws?

Have you heard such ads before at a similar time?

If so, where was that?

If not, I suspect it's because ‘the line’ is already pretty much accepted (and probably defined) of what is and isn't ‘appropriate’.

I have images of a huge sex toy being on TV and being asked ‘What's that daddy?‘

‘Ask your mum..‘😂

Thank you very much to your all for your input. I have heard the same commercial more times the last few days. It is a valid point commercials for sex toys are legal. However for me, broadcasting this commercial just after breakfast is simply bad taste. But my definition on taste is not better than others. Maybe I compare wrong and compare Sonos Radio with a classic radio with a host or DJ who choses the content, and for this content some commercials will be appropiate and some obviously not. Maybe Sonos Radio are just digital playlists. I have been verry happy with Sonos Radio until now. I think I reach out in this community just to give Sonos feedback to consider which commercials they accept and when, before I accept this or move on.