Improved EQ please

  • 13 April 2006
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Firstly, excellent product.

I would like to have an improved EQ. Ideally 4 band parametric - I assume that there is an in-built dsp chip which handles the bass and treble currently available.

Since I imagine most people would be more used to a graphic eq, I suppose this would do. 31 band in that case please :)

Next ZP I install will have a separate sub so the ability to adjust the crossover frequency would be handy too.



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54 replies

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Another vote for expanding the EQ settings in the Sonos app. You should not need a fancy Amp, DAC, or other system to address this. You would not NEED to use the expanded EQ if you don't want it. I'm tempted to use Airplay via an Apple Airport Express, but I really shouldn't have to go outside of the Sonos environment. iTunes has had a 10-band Equalizer forever and many don't even know it exists. It is there for those who want to use it.


If you can't get the EQ quite right, the simple Treble and Bass controls simply are not enough to tweak the Mid-Range frequencies properly. I'm all for simplicity, but I don't understand why adding a 10-band equalizer would be a problem. It could be an advanced setting if there is a concern about complication. iTunes does this well with pre-sets and the option to adjust manually. I don't understand why you would not do this.
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It would appear that SONOS knows better and you can't have an equaliser. Despite the fact that EVERY OTHER piece of audio equipment has it.

Where is your head SONOS?

There is no on off button either....
The Apple HomePod doesn't let the user modify the EQ and doesn't even accept EQ setting via AirPlay. Be better than the HomePod on this Sonos. A simple 10-band EQ buried in the Advanced Settings would satisfy your more experienced listeners.