Imported playlists from OS X Catalina / NAS do not update in Sonos



All music in a folder on a NAS; iTunes (well, Music) on an iMac with Catalina 10.15.5 AND the Sonos Music Library both pointing to the same music location: \\(Server)\music\Sonos.

I can play all the music; no problem.

There is an .xml music libary file in the folder on the NAS - may be a somewhat outdated manually exported file.

But when I update playlists on my Mac in Music - the edits are not updated in my Sonos library.


What is it I am overlooking?

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@madseno Thank you for bringing your question to us here and welcome to the Sonos Community. I would normally have you call in to speak with our agents for a music library issue, but this is something for Apple. They no longer support iTunes with their new OS Catalina. When you update the XML file on your Mac your iTunes is not sending us the updated file, meaning no imported playlists can be seen by 3rd parties that need the XML file to see it and use it.


Hi -

Thanks for the reply.

Several posts here have stated that Sonos 10.6 has fixed the Catalina issue - see this for an example:

Can Sonos work with playlists from Music on a NAS drive or not? 

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@madseno Thank you for the follow up information. Have you followed the steps in the article(s) in that thread to confirm that did not correct the issue? I would recommend that you make a copy of the current XML file and then move it to the desktop. You will then need to confirm all copies of the old XML file has been deleted. You then go back to you iTunes advance settings and re-create the iTunes XML file and confirm that it is saved in the NAS drive folder with the music and then re-index the music library.

If you are still having the issue I would recommend you call in so that our phone agents can confirm network, NAS drive and computer settings. We would also need to see an updated diagnostic report after these steps are done to confirm your are up to date with Sonos and eliminate any communication issues that may show in the report.

As to your question - Can Sonos work with playlists from Music on a NAS drive or not? - Yes, it depends on the file containing the information, meaning we can only read it as we do not make the file, as well as confirming the NAS drive is properly configured/formatted and that we can access the drive.