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When attempting to listen to any iHeart Radio stations (whether through iHeart Radio or those same stations on Tunein, I am unable to connect and get this error- "Unable to play XXXX-the file cannot be found". Non iHeart Radio stations seem to all be working fine. I tried resetting the router and devices to no avail.
Diagnostics #7995725

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I am having the exact same problem. Started about a week ago. Which is about the time I starting using an Echo to play my iHeart radio on Sonos.
I too am experiencing this issue.... "Unable to play xxxx file not found". Has anyone out there got an answer to what the issue might be and how it can be corrected? Seems to me this problem started one or two updates ago.
Yes I am having the same problem as well...Is there a solution??
I think most iHeart radio stations have made a change so that they can't be played via TuneIn anymore. My guess would be that they really want people to use their own tools, so that they can not lose the advertising dollars to TuneIn. Have you tried using the iHeart radio part of the Sonos controller app, rather than the TuneIn part?

If so, it might be helpful to Sonos if you were to both submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at, as well as indicating which particular radio station you're having issues with.
Yep! you were rt Airgetiam, thanks!
The same thing has happened to me in the UK. I use tuni in but three days ago i was unable to stream bigrradio AKA iheart radio, 101.6 warm. I can get all the other big rradio stuff but not that station which was just THE best. Any ideas??

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