I can get all BBC radio live streams, but not on-demand, listen-again services (iplayer). Any ideas?

  • 20 December 2013
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BBC On-demand services

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30 replies

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£15 CCA from currys into your sonos line-in, lets you use native bbc iplayer radio app with all its excellent functionality today!!, forget sonos trying to work with tune-in and bbc changes.
You should be posting this to beta feedback, as specified in the beta instructions. That way it is seen by the beta engineering team.

As a note, I personally have hundreds of entries under Recent Episodes.

Apologies, as the thread title described my exact issue I thought it would be ok. From now on i'll keep posts here to non-beta related issues. On that note, even the non-beta version of Sonos yielded the same (lack of) results. To list my exact steps I do the following:

1) Select Radio by TuneIn as the source for my room
2) Select Music
3) Select Electronic
4) Select Electronic Stations and Shows
5) Select All Shows
6) Select Recent Episodes
7) Select Annie Mac
😎 [Presented with message: 'No selections available']

There's a fairly simple explanation for this, which is that the BBC Radio 1 Listen Again shows appear not to be available on TuneIn, which leads me to provide my feedback that this is something I'd really like to see in Sonos - whether Sonos work directly with the BBC or via TuneIn Radio.

Thanks for responses though. 😃
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Yes. There seems to be an issue with the not all shows going to TuneIn. Some are there and some aren't. It's not a Sonos issue as such although they are aware and have reported it through to the BBC/TuneIn.

Frankly if I were Sonos I'd be spitting feathers after all the stick they've put up with and now they've nearly got their end working the people supplying the data are asleep at the wheel!
I love listening to Pete Tong on Radio 1, but usually do it through iPlayer. Today I found out I can listen to his previous shows on Sonos! I love my Sonos system and now I love it even more!

Pete Tong on Sonos! What more could anyone ask for?
Awesome for TuneIn to supply that!