How to remove radio stations from favorites

  • 9 May 2010
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well; almost all is in the title.
I have selected too many favorites in my readio stations, awould like to remove some. I just can't find how to do this!



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2 replies


Each controller is a little different, but if the favorite station is highlighted, a delete option is available. On the CR200, one must "Edit" the station list.
I have 2 PLay:1 units.
It is difficult/impossible to remove stations from the my-stations-list on the smartphone. I did not find a way. But I installed the SONOS controller on my PC ( Windows ) and it is very easy there: if you open "My Radio Stations", you see the list. Next to each station name is a down arrow ( drop down menu ).
You click on it = open the dop down menu and you find the option "Info&Option". Click that and you see the option "Remove from my Radio Stations". Simple !

For removal of Favourites just click the down arrow next to the station name ( when you are in the list of "FAvourites" ).
The drop down menu will open and you see the option " Delete Favourite".