how to add Virgin Anthems to radio list in sonos

  • 14 November 2021
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I can’t seem to find Virgin Anthems in radio, only Virgin Radio. I have tried copying and pasting Virgin Anthems URL into add radio station in Sonos but that does not work. Any suggestions please?


Best answer by John B 14 November 2021, 11:19

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3 replies

You probably added the website URL rather than the streaming URL.  If you can get the streaming URL you can add that.

However, the easiest solution is to add the Radioplayer service to your Sonos system (Settings, Services and Voice).  You will find Virgin Anthems in there.

Actually I just checked and if you search for Virgin Anthems under Stations in the Sonos  universal search it does appear for TuneIn anyway.

Thanks John, the search worked and it came up so have now added it to my radio stations. It’s weird that it doesn’t appear in the list when I looked but it does if you put it in the universal search. Now I’m happy 😀 thanks again