How do I know what type of file I'm playing?

  • 21 February 2015
  • 11 replies

I have a mixture FLAC, AAC and MP3 files on my media server. They all play just fine but it would be nice to be able to tell which file type was playing at any time. Is this possible - I cant actually see the file name extension for any of the media anywhere on my iPad!

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11 replies

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Why does it matter?
Doesn't really but I thought it would be useful to know what you're playing!
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There is no way to see what audio file type is playing on an iPad. If your music is stored on a PC or iMac then you could look there. Supported file types:
Yeah, I know that. I just thought it may be useful to see the info without poking around in the NAS.
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Anyone know if they plan to add this? It would be really useful to see file data from within the app.
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Most unlikely

There seems to be no logical reason for it.

I mean if you ripped the files yourself you know what flavour they are and if you're streaming who cares?
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Well I rip different versions of the same album so it would be useful to know which file type I'm playing. Also I buy a lot of downloads so if I'm playing a file and it sounds great or bad i'd like to be able to see what it is to see if that's affecting the sound.
Try the following URL in your browser (replace with the IP address of your Sonos unit)

The info you need might be in the AVT Play Log section (see sample from my current log below). Disclaimer: I push music to my Sonos via Logitech Media Server and/or the Windows Cast To option rather than the normal approach of the Sonos internal library so I can't guarantee that you'll see similar info when playing music from your NAS, but give it a go and you might be in luck.

From my log notice the .wma extention approx halfway along the URL ... in this example I'm actually casting FLAC files to Sonos but the Windows Cast To option is transcoding them to WMA.

AVT Play Log:

currently: STOPPED
453775.550: upnp = stop() [ Microsoft-Windows/10.0 UPnP/1.0 Microsoft-DLNA DLNADOC/1.50]
453769.252: state = STOPPED
453545.607: state = PLAYING
453544.886: state = TRANSITIONING
453544.863: upnp = play() [ Microsoft-Windows/10.0 UPnP/1.0 Microsoft-DLNA DLNADOC/1.50]
453544.777: track =
453544.777: avt =
453544.561: state = STOPPED
453252.113: state = PLAYING
453251.572: state = TRANSITIONING
Good question, I do agree to have file type known in Album or Song Information, file format, kbps or Mbps, ripped date, etc. this simple information could be retrieved from music source stored, it's just like one-stop-music-center which Logitech Media Server having the similar feature.

I do have two types of music files (lossy & lossless) ripped for particular favorite music album , reason being some devices not able to support lossless format or certain file format. But when come to SONOS, it can play both lossy & lossless, for audiophile listeners like many, it may good to have this file type feature to differentiate music format.

Of course, I can name the album name like ' XXXX (FLAC)' or 'XXXX (MP3)' or 'XXXX (AAC)' .... but it doesn't reflect good on a high-end SONOS, does it ?
I can't guarantee that you'll see similar info when playing music from your NAS
You will, e.g.:
track = x-file-cifs://devicename/sharename/folder/subfolder/track.ext
This would seem to be a pretty basic feature, but alas, Sonos is pretty basic. BluOS has this functionality, as does (I believe) Denon Heos. But those are designed for people who want to tweak. Sonos is as mainstream as it gets, designed for simplicity above all else.