How Do I Add Idagio to My Sonos if I Signed Up for Idagio via Facebook?

  • 10 September 2019
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Hello --

I've just signed up for Idagio via Facebook. However, when I try to add Idagio to my Sonos, the system asks for my email & password. There's no "login via Facebook" option. How then do I add Idagio to my Sonos?

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8 replies

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I use Idagio and get around the search issues by searching within Idagio and then check the symbol to place it in albums or recordings or tracks and it then shows up in Sonos int the Idagio section. Although I would prefer directly searching through Sonos, I find the search feature so incredibly rich in Idagio that it is worth the extra effort. And for each album it only needs to be done once.
Heard back from Idagio. This worked, so here you go.

(NOTE: Maybe I'm dense, but took me a few minutes to figure out that the below needs to be done after you've logged in online @

As the SONOS system requires entering your IDAGIO email and password, you will first need to unlink your Facebook profile and set a password for your IDAGIO account.

In order to do this, please go to your Account settings (through Collection > menu in the top right) and set a password for your account. This will mean you will now be able to sign in through the email address on your Facebook account, and the password you've set.

Afterwards, you can unlink your Facebook profile in your account settings.
Once you are able to log in through an email and password, please follow these instructions:
  1. Open your Sonos app and select Add Music Service
  2. Select IDAGIO from the list and tap Add to Sonos
  3. Follow the steps in order to log in to your IDAGIO account
  4. Once completed, you can stream IDAGIO through Browse within the Sonos app.
Remember that you can also stream directly from the IDAGIO app to your Sonos device. To do that, select your Sonos system in devices available (iOS) or by selecting the speaker icon (Android, Desktop).
Please let me know if you need further assistance.
I tried that first. Doesn't work.

Have also contacted Idagio. Will update this post whenever they get back to me.
Thank you!
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You are welcome. I hope it helps! I have found Idagio to be fantastic for classical music and it works well with Sonos as long as you use Idagio first for multiple search criteria.
My question now is how can I search Idagio within the Sonos app? Though I can see Idagio has been added, it doesn't come up as a choice in the search function. What's the deal?
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Hi, evbo. Welcome to the community. I would imagine that you log in with your Facebook email address and password. Let us know if that doesn't work.
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Not every music service supports Search. Sounds like Idagio do not, you should check with them. (Their support has been responsive to you before, so chances are good).