How come Pandora Plus DOES NOT WORK with Sonos speakers, when Sonos support says it does?

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Since Spotify Connect was a unique undertaking that had nothing to do with the Music Partners API, it therefore has no bearing whatsoever on the topic of my post, nor on the topic of this thread.

But you knew that. You do like to stir it up, don't you? But hey, in for a penny, in for a pound. Playing directly from a 3rd party app is most certainly something users should have requested of Sonos, You'll not find myself, or as best I can remember, anybody else telling users requesting this feature to lobby for it from the 3rd party, at least until Sonos made it possible with the Direct Control API. All initial requests were, rightly so, directed to Sonos.
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Since Spotify Connect was a unique undertaking that had nothing to do with Music Partners API, it therefore has no bearing whatsoever on the topic of my post.

But you knew that.

Exactly what I would expect you to say. It has "no bearing whatsoever" on your comments because it indicates behaviour and strategies contrary to those that you have outlined. You neatly cite instances that support your contentions and ignore those that don't by labelling them "a unique undertaking." I imagine it had nothing to do with an API because Sonos was interested in working with Spotify to develop a more comprehensive solution that appealed to a wide range of their customers. That's collaboration, which produced some very useful results. Clearly, Sonos users could benefit from more of these "unique undertaking"s. I'd like to see one with Tidal and one with Stitcher (so I can play historical podcasts without reverting to a line-in workaround), just to name two. No doubt the original creator of this thread would benefit from a "unique undertaking" with Pandora. I'm sure others have favorite candidates for further unique undertakings. These would benefit existing Sonos customers and potentially attract more customers for both Sonos and for music services.
The originator of this thread said nothing about playing from the Pandora app. However, if he had I would have directed him to contact Pandora about utilizing the brand new Sonos Direct Control API that was created during the collaboration between Sonos and Spotify! ;)

As for other truly "unique undertakings", if one comes along that requires initialization by Sonos, I'll be the first to suggest the user lobby Sonos. See, unlike you, I don't really preach the same thing over and over. I'm here to help people.
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The originator of this thread said nothing about playing from the Pandora app. However, if he had I would have directed him to contact Pandora about utilizing the brand new Sonos Direct Control API that was created during the collaboration between Sonos and Spotify! ;)

Keep on twisting Toolio.

You're going around in circles, trying to shape what others have or have not said into something that fits your argument. I would expect nothing less. It's rather pointless having discussions with wedded-to-the-past fanbois. We know that Sonos can partner with music services to create something better, whether it happens through an API or what you have taken to calling a "unique undertaking." We know from Ryan's comments that Sonos considers itself a partner and is willing to communicate and work with its partners on behalf of clients to resolve problems. We know that Sonos considers this a two-way street. I'm not digressing from my original contention that a small group of frequent posters in this community shouldn't be constantly saying things such as: "What did [insert music service here]" and "nothing do so with Sonos." It has everything to do with Sonos, and Sonos should (and I suspect will) do the smart thing and work with music services to improve the Sonos experience.
I never said any different. Doesn't take anything away from the fact that informing a person to lobby for service/function XYZ at the service itself is both sound and effective advice. Also, since you are so sold on their word, I will mention that very advice has been given by Sonos staff themselves. Why you seem to be peeved that people give out sound and effective advice is a mystery. But hey, we all have our nits to pick.
By the way Toolio, Sonos felt "lobby for service/function XYZ at the service itself" to be such sound and effective advice, they made Avee's post about it a sticky on the last forum and this one for 5 years:
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And God only knows why anybody should expect change in those five years, lol. It's a new world of streaming now, so why would a five-year-old plan be suitable?
I imagine if the information didn't apply, the mods would remove the sticky. Yet its still there . . .

Bottom line, you don't like people who come here to complain being told to complain elsewhere, even if elsewhere is actually where it will do the most good. That's your problem, not theirs, and you playing gotcha with the folks who give this advice in order to derail threads, making them (like this one has become) all about your pet peeve is getting tiresome. If their advice was false or misleading, Sonos would step in. They never have, so looks like you are going to spend a lot of time peeved. Get used to it.
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Until this point you, jgatie, have made more posts in this thread than I. You simply can't tolerate it when somebody doesn't share your point of view, a pattern that is evident throughout these groups. Fortunately for you, I suppose, you've found others of like mind. I am not one of them. My pet peeve is the pomposity and bullheadedness of some fanboi members of this community. There is a overbearing and unnecessary tone to the "nothing to do with Sonos" posts. And, in my opinion, that sentiment is incorrect, although I realize you have far too much energy and time invested here to budge on that. I won't lose any sleep over it, and I'm not the least bit rattled by those who believe that others who disagree with them are "tiresome." It's a discussion community, not a life. Now it's time to boot up Roon and have Sonos present me with something more pleasant. Have a good evening (or whatever time of day it is, wherever you happen to be).
If you hadn't posted your off-topic rant, neither one of us would have any posts in this thread. Thats on you, and you knew exactly what you were doing.

As to the rest, I dont believe I've ever said it has nothing to do with Sonos. So don't be lumping me in with those folks. Matter of fact, if you kept your criticism to that statement alone, I'd probably agree with you. Some 'fanboi' I am (by the way, that spelling is totes rad! :8) As to telling folks it is more effective to complain about a service or feature to the party responsible for implementing or requesting that service or feature? yeah, I'm probably not going to budge on that little piece of common sense.
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Hey guys, let's take a breather here and listen to some music or something. In truth, you're both right. There are good reasons to ask music services directly instead of just asking us here for some features or integrations. There are also times when it's best to ask us. Some development is done by just one side but usually it's teams on both ends with specific jobs.

There are also some services that don't use the Sonos Music Partner API that is on that page. Don't forget, some of our partners have been around longer than those APIs and they have different versions of different things.

In the end, there's a lot of variables and when it comes to the question of "who should I ask for ______" the best answer is probably "Everyone." Let us know if you want to see a feature. Let the service know you wish they would add something to their Sonos integration or that you'd love to see them on the Sonos platform if they aren't already.

There aren't any bad suggestions. Well, there might be, but you won't be told it's a bad suggestion by us. Just remember to keep things friendly! That's the most important part. Help people with answers to their questions or give your opinion on things, but don't forget the goal here is to get along as a community. We're all music lovers.
Wow... that escalated quickly.
Hi Ryan,

I tried reading through this whole thread and maybe I missed it. Will Pandora paid subscribers get access to the unlimited skips and song repeats through Sonos?

I have really enjoyed being able to use those features inside the Pandora app and look forward to seeing it soon through Sonos because we use our Sonos for many hours per day. Thank you.
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Hi dhy4b, at this time paid Pandora on Sonos doesn't include the unlimited skips. You do get the increased quality streams though. We're working with them on a lot of improvements but I don't have any specifics or details on that I can share right now.
Thanks, Ryan. Please put my vote in for that functionality. Thank you!
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I have been using the free version of Pandora with my Sonos speakers for the past 4-5 years, and last week I upgraded to Pandora Plus so I could get higher audio quality, unlimited skips, and no more ads.

I've been using what I thought was Pandora Plus for the past week now, but didn't noticed much difference in audio quality. When I tried to skip through several songs, I was stopped at six skips and received the "skip limit reached" message. Further to that, I still receive ads.

I thought Pandora Plus worked with Sonos? I'm currently using three first gen PLAY:5 speakers, and one second gen PLAY:5 speaker.

When I contacted Sonos support to inquire about the issue, this is the response I received:

Thank you for contacting Sonos Customer Care.

I understand you're having an issue with Pandora Plus and Sonos. I would be more than happy to help you with this today!

With Pandora Plus you do get more features than the free version including the improved sound quality, but you actually don't get truly unlimited skips. Due to licensing restrictions not every song can be skipped with Pandora Plus. Sonos only mirrors what is happening in the native Pandora app so we don't have any controller over the amount of songs you can skip.

The response I received from Sonos support contradicts what it says on the page below:

If you’d like to upgrade from your current free ad-supported account to a Pandora Plus account, just visit After you’ve upgraded, you’ll no longer hear ads while listening to Pandora on your Sonos. Pandora Plus streams music at a higher bitrate of 192kbps.

When I posted a follow-up question to the response I received from Sonos support, they simply closed my incident without informing me.

I've shelled out $2K+ on Sonos devices, and I don't appreciate getting shitty support like that. Has anyone else noticed this issue? Is there a way to get Pandora Plus to work?

It's 2018 and I'm still complaining about this issue. I finally just gave up.