Help - we use CDs and youtube only

  • 2 July 2017
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We have never paid for a music subscription service and we've never bought any digital music (we just got smart phones a year ago). In the past we always ripped our CDs to our desktop drive and listened to them on our desktop speakers. We also sometimes listen to music on youtube. But we no longer live in a tiny 1-room apartment and would like to "stream" our ripped music or youtube songs from our desktop into our kitchen and living room downstairs. Oh yeah... will this stream amazon prime music?

Are the SONOS speakers meant for this or is it really best for music subscription services and digital purchases?

I suppose a little context for what I am wanting would be good: I run a daycare so it would be AWESOME if I could wirelessly select music stored on our upstairs desktop (or select youtube music videos) to play on some downstairs speakers in our daycare room all without ever having to leave the kids.

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3 replies

Local music library, yes. YouTube, no.
My suggested solution is to get bluetooth speakers that can be daisy chained to allow multiple speakers needed to cover a large space, and get a cheap tablet that has 16 to 32GB memory, that you can dedicate to these, and leave it in the room. Store the songs you need on the tablet and play them from there. And as long as you have WiFi in the room, play all the youtube content that you are able to see on the tablet. Along with Amazon Prime music.
PS: if you can do without music from youtube videos in the rest of the home, Sonos will work very well for that part of your house.
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YouTube only works if you select it on your computer and then have a Connect linked to the computer. Your local ripped music library can all be accessed by Sonos as well as Amazon Prime stuff.