Help please. We want to play white noise or brown noise through our Sonos while we sleep.

  • 25 April 2018
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We want to play white noise or brown noise through our Sonos while we sleep. Is there a streaming music service that will not time-out after a few hours? We have tried putting a white noise "playlist" on repeat, but there is still a short break in the "music/noise" and we wake up during the silence. Any suggestions for how others use Sonos to stream uninterrupted white noise in their office or bedroom? Thanks for any help!

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4 replies

Try turning on crossfade with your playlist. That should eliminate the gap.
Do you use Spotify? If so, you could make the same playlist and set the advanced option “cross fade between songs “.

I would also like to see a sleep app, something like the Ambient Sounds app on Google Home...Maybe once they get that integration sorted.
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On Spotify, I listen to a rainfall playlist on random and repeat and it’s always playing when I wake up.
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You could always set up a a couple long white noise files in your local music library. Put them in a playlist and turn on crossfade and you should be able to enjoy the sound without using your internet data.

Maybe several playlists to match the weather, white noise, rainfall, windy, thunder, it could be a fun project to find and download a good selection of free files.