Help... How to get Sonos Play 1 to play television audio

  • 1 January 2017
  • 6 replies

We were recently given a Sonos play 1 speaker as a gift. We have a Sonos play bar and Sonos subwoofer. The Sonos play 1 shows up as "portable." I want to place it behind our couch for a surround sound effect. Is this possible? How can I make it play the television audio?

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6 replies

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In order to add the Play1 to the PlayBar you need two of them for left and right
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So it is not possible just to place 1 speaker behind our couch and have it play the television? If I purchased a second one they would start playing the television audio?
And grouping the 'Portable' room with the PLAYBAR will result in an unpleasant experience for TV sound. It will (a) reproduce all the channels through the one, mono speaker and (b) be out of sync for the TV source.
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If you "bond" them to the PlayBar they will be part of the surround system. After you bond them you can set them to "full." versus "ambient" How much actual sound will get out them depends on the input to the PlayBar. (stereo or 5.1)
Yes, but you can't bond a single PLAY:1.