Help connecting phone to play podcasts to Sonos One

  • 9 September 2019
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How can I connect my phone (iPhone 😵 to the Sonos One to allow it to play my podcast? I don’t see how I can connect it to play via the Sonos app...only music services

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3 replies
Perfect! Thank you, Bruce!
Don't thank me till it works....and then all the credit really goes to Apple and Sonos. I just pointed to some data that already existed :)

By the way, Pocket Casts already has integration with Sonos, so you could use that (or is that covered in the FAQ? I should go read it), however, I use the AirPlay 2 method as well, because my preferred podcast app is Overcast.

But I use AirPlay 2 almost every night anyway, in order to listen to baseball games. Still a fan of the team from where I used to live.