Has the partial bricking of legacy devices already begun?

  • 8 February 2020
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Hi folks, I posted a while ago on another section of the forum that I was having trouble getting my network drive to play on my devices, and I think that it may actually be tied to the ‘Legacy” issue…


I was updating my server and the network switch, and now I’m unable to read files from my network drive on my legacy devices, but the system is able to index the drive and I have the permissions set correctly in the server (Mac Mini). I am able to stream Pandora and the radio just fine through the legacy devices.

But, I’m able to play the files on the Move unit I have here, which is not legacy. The only two differences that I know are the legacy aspect, and the wireless connection of the Move unit (the others are wired)… Since I can stream to the legacy ZP100 and Connect:Amp they clearly have proper connectivity through the wired network.  

So it appears that some of the coding is now no longer fully working for wired connections to legacy devices? Can anyone else confirm this?  As I said, they do stream from Pandora and internet radio just fine, they just can’t seem to connect to my local file server properly.

4 replies

Go back to your previous thread and read the help article provided.

You’re not very good at reading comprehension.  Go back and read what I posed in the other question.

Fine. Feel free to track back your conspiracy theory.

Well, since you weren’t any help, no loss.

I’ve confirmed that it is able to access the drive perfectly through the Move unit, and in fact, it will play correctly if the Move unit is in a Group with the legacy devices.  As soon as the Move unit is taken off the group, it no longer can access the file and the music will stop playing once the buffer of empty.

This appears to be the case whether the legacy device is operating on the wireless or wired network.

Basically, I think that SONOS didn’t bother to update some network handshake in the newest FW for Catalina requirements related to the old devices.  I wonder if the system would work at all if I took the Move out of the system.  It may be enabling the indexing to occur, but when it isn’t involved in a play action, it doesn’t work because it isn’t involved in the handshake precess.