Hard Rock Gap in the Curating?

  • 11 January 2022
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I’m paying the money for the Sonos Radio HD and I’m very happy with many of the channels.  I’m surprised that there is a gap in the Metal/Hard Rock category.  There are several metal stations based on year groups, but where is the Hard Rock?  New Lords of Metal plays a lot of great new metal but no hard rock?  So, where is the new hard rock?  It’s not even in the Rock category either?  

I hope the curating will improve as more subscribers join.  For example, the Blues Masters is great, but the music is on a loop playing the same selection of songs over and over.  



Best answer by James L. 12 January 2022, 09:42

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1 reply

Hi @Docspiffy,


Thanks for your feedback on the selection available on Sonos Radio. I’ve passed your comments on to the Sonos Radio team :slight_smile:


(P.S. This is also something I’d like to see, and have suggested to them too :wink: )