• 29 October 2005
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I managed to enter the URL for one of the GotRadio stations but every time I open it, it plays the same song. Has anyone had success using the GotRadio stations on Sonos?

Does anyone know of other sites with a collection of niche internet radio stations like GotRadio or AccuRadio that actually works with Sonos? I can't subscribe to Rhapsody since I'm outside of the US.

1 reply

Internet radio is a mess. Stations come and go, change their URL, and some are very low quailty.

Unlike a regular radio broadcast station, an internet radio station can recognize each individual listener and provide a unique listening experience. Some stations will greet me with a standard introduction, possibly asking for donations, before the regular program is joined.

I don't know that any station is doing this, but it is possible that a station would want a restricted audience. From the IP address of your connection, any internet site can know approximately where you are sitting and deliver, or not deliver content.

Some stations might require subscriptions.

Your particular example might use that song as a trademark. Try letting it play through and listen to what follows.

Finally, they may not be fully on the air and are simply running a "loop" for testing purposes.