Google Play won't cast

  • 4 February 2017
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Google Play won't cast to Sonos, It says nearby device, is this a limitation of Sonos or Google Play?

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69 replies

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Hey guys, thanks for all the details. We're looking into an issue right now with playing from the Google Play Music app to Sonos. It's not affecting everyone, but you're not alone. We're working with Google to identify the cause and get it fixed. For the moment, can you can play from the service through your players using the Sonos software instead.
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Thanks for the detailed reply of your devices.
Still working ok for me.
Casting to GPM was broken during beta phase, and i would have hoped, supposedly fixed before 7.2 release. But I guess sonos cannot test every android device out there with every software version on it.
Upgrading sonos always causes a storm of failed threads on here due to duplicate IP addresses etc, but if sonos app works fine, I cannot see it is that......
Hopefully Ryan will keep us informed.
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Thanks for the details and diagnostics guys. We're investigating with Google Music right now, there seems to be some trouble for some free Google Play Music accounts that are unable to stream to Sonos players through the Play Music app. We're working with them to get it sorted out, but I don't have any specifics on that timeline right now. I'll let you know as things develop and it gets resolved. It's not affecting all free accounts from what we've seen, and it shouldn't be trouble with any premium subscriptions.
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You can still use GPM from within the sonos app, which lets you easily do extra stuff like the top10 tracks from an artist.
Unfortunately sonos never give any idea of how long things are likely to take. Audible for example has not worked for well over a year. It may never be fixed or it could be tomorrow........
Hopefully this pain is part of google home integration development and will be worth it next year 😉
I am also having this problem, and have been for about as long as this thread has existed. I didn't bother looking for a solution because it was very clear that it happened right after I updated my speaker. I just figured a patch would come out. But it's been two months now. I sure hope it happens soon. This breaks the ability to listen in the car and continue listening at home on the speaker.
Really, Sonos?
I can play the music on my Pixel 2 on anything from a Samsung AV system to a lousy cheap bluetooth speaker but not on my expensive Sonos system?
Come on! Put your heads together and get this figured out! Otherwise we let the word out and Sonos sales falls and you leave it wide open for someone who can figure out compatibility (Bose? Samsung? Anybody? Bueller?).

I think they changed it after I posted this because now I can listen to play music radio, ragaurless if I have a subscription to play music or not, which tells me it was Google's end not Sonos because when I posted this I had an earlier play music update and now after a recent update it's changed since. Dunno if you're having this issue still or not.
Are you on Android? Are you on the same WiFi network?
Android. I think this is new as of today
Your phone or tablet has to be on the same Wifi network as Sonos. Whenever Play Music shows "nearby device", it senses a Chromecast device nearby (not s Sonos device), but isn't on the same network. Is your phone on the same network as your Sonos?
I'm having the same problem. My phone is on the same wi-fi network as the speaker. The sonos speaker used to show up in the list, but now it doesn't. This update just broke the only podcast app that played well with my Sonos speaker. As usual, Sonos software is garbage.
This used to work and has stopped in the last week.
This just recently broke for me as well, and I hope it gets fixed soon as Google music was the main service I used with Sonos.

Issue occurs with both Android devices we have in the house, and rebooting router/modem/Sonos has not fixed the issues.

Not sure if it's a Sonos or Google Music issue?
Interesting. Can play GM fine in Sonos app, can connect to Sonos devices from GPM app, but music won't stsrt. I'm on Sonos public beta 7.2.
Tried again 30 minutes later, now it's casting to Sonos without an issue. Must have been a temporary glitch somewhere out there in the Internet.
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My Android device is on the same network, I have rebooted everything. Google play no longer finds the Sonos devices. The only thing I can think is that the update broke this. It was working prefectly a week ago, before I did the update. How is it possible that they can engineer such good speakers and have such poor software?
My casting from GPM works just fine after the update, so whatever it is, it wasn't the update. Submit a diagnostic and post the reference number. Sonos will get back to you.
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I think there was a problem with 7.1, might be fixed in 7.2?
sonos need to comment if not fixed yet.............
Ditto, no devices visible from GPM app (except my Chromecast).

Would use the Sonos app, but it kind of sucks for Google music...

Diagnostic sent - 7075256
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Thanks Ryan, that reply was what was needed :)

It could be the old "can't make a cake without breaking some eggs", and this short term pain is worth the new API that hopefully is coming for voice (not that I have any idea what that is, but I have read it might be coming)
Blue skys guessing, you're playing around with google to enable google home 🆒🆒🆒

On the other hand it could be like audible, and gone for ever........ish 😞
Has this been resolved? I've been having the issue since March 5. Google Play used to cast to Sonos fine, but now it doesn't cast.
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Has this been resolved? I've been having the issue since March 5. Google Play used to cast to Sonos fine, but now it doesn't cast.

Hi Nick, it should be back up and working now. If you're having trouble can you submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number? We'll take a look.

If you haven't yet, make sure you've rebooted your players and removed and re-added Google Play Music from your system.
My confirmation number is: 7198371.

I un-linked and uninstalled all apps, reset the Sonos, then reinstalled all apps. This was before I originally replied to this thread.

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Hi Nick, sorry for the delay. Have you had a chance to update to the lastest version of Sonos? Has the direct play been having trouble still?
I'm seeing the same behavior as Nick. I would use the Google Play app to cast podcasts from Google Play to Sonos. After updating to 7.2 this functionality is no longer working. After hitting the cast button in Google Play and selecting the Sonos it flips between pause, play, then pause again in the Google Play app. Google Play is the only podcast app I've found that has the cast to Sonos capability, many others let you play podcasts via the Sonos interface, but the nice part about the Google Play app is that you could keep your place in the podcast because you're casting to Sonos. I did a diagnostic, number 7235230.
I have the exact same issue as dietsinger above.
All fine and dandy before the update to 7.2.
Diagnostic 7237060