Google Play Music not found in Sonos

  • 13 October 2019
  • 3 replies

Hi I can't find Google play service in my Sonos Service directory. Am I missing something ?

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3 replies

Do you have your region set properly in your Sonos profile, and does Google music support that area? What is presented to you in that section of the controller seems to be filtered by your profile data, so you’re not presented options that won’t function due to geo-locking by the streamer.
Thanks Bruce. I just checked and Google music is not supported in my region. This sucks. Anyway around this?

Nevertheless, why would they not provide service to everyone ? We all paid the same price to buy the Sonos speakers.
From my experience, it has to do with the legal “rights” to play songs in each region/country. The lawyers are quite the sticklers, and I suppose some portion of the monies would end up in the pockets of the actual artists.

I’m afraid that I am not the best resource for skirting legal issues.