Google Play music indexing

  • 9 February 2018
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Too many artist listed under "The" in my collection.

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5 replies

I use Google Play Music as my main source of music streaming and am constantly frustrated by its' indexing filters. If I'm on the GPM app or online directly, I find artist like The Clash under "C", The Lumineers under "L", The National under "N", etc.... Yet, when I am on the Sonos controller, all of those are found under "T" for "The". I think it is about time Sonos copied the logical indexing that GPM uses. AND why does "alt-j" come after the "Z" artists? That one is a no-brainer!!
SONOS!!!! Whoever taught you to index? One does NOT index with 'THE" as a leading word. Please amend your sloppy ways. Thank you Apologies if I should have posted this elsewhere. Please redirect me to the appropriate place if I have done so.
I don't believe that Sonos does any indexing, they pass the request on to the streamer, and present what they get back without modification.
Thank you! I understand.
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Google provide the index, complain to them.