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Recent albums added to my Google Play library are not showing in my Sonos app.
Up until recently this hasn't been a problem. (I noticed there is a question about a similar issue from 3 years ago but it seems to have been dealt with directly by the Sonos team and the person posting the question so I couldn't find the solution)
I've managed to add these albums to "My Sonos" but it would be better if they were included in the Google Play Library in the Sonos App.
Anyone know how to resolve this?


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Hi Peo2412, Are you seeing older albums in your My Albums under Google Play Music > Library, but not new ones? Do those albums show up after a little time passes?

Are you adding these albums to your My Albums using the Sonos app or the Google Play music app?

Have you tried removing your Google Play Music account from your Sonos system and adding it back in?
Hi Ryan
I’ve always added new albums to my Google Play library and they would automatically show when I accessed this library from the Sonos app but now they don’t.
I couldn’t find how to delete it but I’ve installed it again and given it a different name but it still doesn’t have the 3 new albums that I’ve added over the last few weeks.
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Thanks for the details. Just to confirm, are these uploaded albums or just ones you've found while browsing or playing Google Play Music? If they're off the Google Play Music library, can you let me know one or two of them? We'll test them out here.

Also, do other new ones get added, or has the library seemed to stop updating?

There are steps here to remove a service from your system.
Hi Ryan,
for any new albums I want to add to my library, I use my Google Play Music account, search for the album and then choose the "add to library" option.
Until the last 3 albums I've added to my Google Play Music library, these would automatically be updated in the Sonos app.

The 3 albums in question are Raising Sand - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss; Ibiza Classics - Pete Tong & The Heritage Orchestra; and Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats

NB I have been able to manually add these albums to "my Sonos" by searching artist then album in the Sonos app but they aren't in the library.

I'll have a go at following your link to removing the Google library and re-installing it.
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Thanks I've just tested it out and was able to add those albums to my library the way you're doing it. So it's not an issue with the albums themselves.

If you remove an album from your My Library using Sonos, does it remove from Google Play Music?

If you try to add a new album using Google Play Music, does that one update in Sonos?
Hi Ryan
I can’t see how to remove an album from the library while I’m in Sonos.
I deleted the whole connection to Google Play Music and re-selected it but it still only brought across the “old” library without the new albums.

Your 2nd question is the Robles I’ve got... I can add albums to Google Play Music library but they don’t appear in Sonos.
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OK, thanks for checking those out for me. For the second one, I wanted to make sure that it wasn't just those three albums and that other new ones had the same problem.

At this point, I think it'd be best to give us a call on our support line and have a technician help look into this in depth. They can test out a few things with your system in particular.
Thanks for your help Ryan.
Could you tell me the number to use to call.
Click on the underlined words in Ryan's message, and it will take you to the methods to contact Sonos.
Ah yes! I was reading it on my mobile in the pub and didn’t notice it. :D